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Why Every Home Needs A Conservatory



By Features Desk



Friday, March 16, 2018.



Most homeowners will one time or another, complain about not having enough extra space, whether that be for storage, or to make use of a whole new room. The problem with this is that not everyone has the funds to be able to build an extension if need be - let alone have the planning permission. This can end up getting very frustrating because they aren't able to do what they may have envisioned, and in that case may decide on selling up and moving. But before you do anything drastic - think about the options that you have.


One brilliant solution to this is with the addition of a conservatory. This will provide you with a whole extra space to play around with, offering you versatile options at a relatively affordable price.


Owning a conservatory was once only something that the rich and wealthy had as a way of showing off their money to merely store away their plants in the cold season. They would spend an awful lot of money on something that they never used for themselves, especially because they would get extremely chilly, making it impossible to spend time in there during the winter. Thanks to new advances and improvements though that were introduced with the likes of special glass and heating sources from modern insulation, conservatories are now a pretty common extension within a household. Not only that though, but they now have many different uses throughout the whole entire year.


Here are some examples of the possibilities that are available to you.


An office

A conservatory can be the ideal answer if you run your own business and need some private space to do your work in. It can be very hard when working from home because there are so many obvious distractions that aren't always easy to get away from or block out. But having your own section to enter with everything you need inside, like your computer, printer, and any other things you require like stationary and supplies, there is no reason you can't work effectively in your new professional environment and not have to worry about people keep walking through the room to grab something.


Sun room

While you may not necessarily be able to do this during the winter months - the summer makes a conservatory the perfect place to bask in the sun, without all the annoyances of bugs and pollen (if you find that you suffer from hayfever.) Even if it's not necessarily hot outside, as long as you have a sun that is shining, it will automatically heat up the room. So if you're looking for a little peace and quiet to do a crossword or take a nap - this is a better place than any. Make the most of what the sun has to offer you, without even having to dress properly and venturing outside.


Growing plants  

Focusing some of your extra time on greenery can be a very therapeutic hobby that offers stress relief, while creating life and beauty. Not only that but having plants indoors purifies the air and maintains a good level of humidity that makes a space better for everyone living in it. And what better place to keep plants healthy than a conservatory? By pairing up with polycarbonate sheet suppliers, you ensure you get all the protection you need, while keeping all the natural light in so that it reaches all of your plants properly, without having to worry about setting up an array of artificial lights. Then all that's left to do is give them the water they need.


Extra living room

The option of having another living room to reside in can be an absolute dream for some - especially if you live with a house full. Having the choice of another place to relax in that may be away from a lot of noise can be really welcoming. You may want to hide yourself away for some quiet time where you can have a read of your favourite book and lose yourself inside a new world, or maybe you want to be able to watch the sports channel on tv because your partner isn't willing to hand over the remote. Whatever it may be, it’s a way of compromising when something else arises, making it very beneficial to not only yourself, but anyone else you're living with too.



If you enjoy keeping fit and active but don't really like the idea of going to a local gym and getting worn out and sweaty amongst a bunch of strangers, then having your own gym at home is the best answer for this. You won't have to feel self conscious or paranoid about working up a sweat because you're in the comfort of your own home. You will also essentially be saving money too because you won't need to keep spending on a monthly membership when you have your very own.


Dining room

More often than not due to all the new technology, it's hard to pull ourselves away from our phones and tv screens, but meal time should be a thing that is shared with the ones we love without the distraction of the media. So having a separate place to eat your meals is a very good way of being able to do this, making the most of the whole dining experience. What better moment that eating in good company, discussing how one another's day has gone, with the view of your pretty green garden in the background? And don't forget - think about all the dinner parties you could throw now you have a designated space.


Children's game room

If you have children, regardless of their age, they will always want to play. Whether that be with their dolls and action figures, or their games consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox. But sometimes if they don't have a lot of space in their own bedrooms, things are prone to getting very messy in a very short amount of time. So assigning them a game room will be a brilliant way of containing the chaos in the neatest way possible. This will be just as exciting for them as it will be for you, because they get to have their own fun time, and you get a wonderful clutter-free bedroom to walk in and out of.


Why Every Home Needs A Conservatory

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