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Can Creativity Be Automated? Artificial Intelligence and the Web Development Industry



By Business Desk



Wednesday, April 4, 2018.


With the development of software automation and artificial intelligence technologies, every worker is questioning whether or not their job will be replaced by robotics. There is one area where developments have been made, still is pretty safe: creativity. If you are a web developer, you might have seen a decline in your client base, due to the drag-and-drop software widely and cheaply available for your customers. However, the good news is that software and robots cannot replace your creativity, and fully embrace customers’ needs and wants. Therefore, - for now - your job is safe.

Designers Do More

You as a designer do more than programming websites. You listen to your customers’ expectations and meet them in a way that their site and software will serve them the best. That level of empathy cannot be expected from artificial intelligence. You listen to the clues, do your research, and even read customer studies before you get
started. If the process was fully automated, all these steps would be ignored, and your customers would not get the results they are expecting.

Customers Want Unique

Even though cookie-cutter websites have been around for a long time, and anyone with a high school diploma can put together a decent site using a Wordpress template, some customers are still looking to convey a unique message, and they want to stand
out from the crowd. As high profile customers ignore the cheap templates and DIY website makers, they will still be using web developers even if artificial intelligence is cheaper and faster.

Finding The Fine Balance Is Unique

Web designers need to find the right balance between search engine-friendly and user-friendly elements. They have to take into consideration the industry of their client, their main goals, preferences, brand image, vision, and values. These are things that artificial intelligence will find hard to understand and translate
to the world of software automation. Finding the balance and fine tuning user experiences takes an expert with an eye for details.

The Personal Touch

If there is one thing that robots don’t have, it is personal touch. They cannot do those little things that make website owners, businesses, and visitors smile. If you would like to get noticed, you will deal with a real person who can capture the message of your brand in every form; images, videos, applications, design, and colour schemes. You can also have a personal style that makes the sites you create unique and easy to recognize.

Some Elements Might Be Automated

While it is not likely that website creation and web development will be automated soon, some of its elements can be. This means that designers can focus more on what matters the most to them; the creative side of the work. Even today, most web developers
use standard cookies, plugins, and add-ons to enhance the performance of web applications. There’s nothing wrong with it, if they add that unique creative aspect that makes users go “wow”.

Websites Without Supervision Are Not Good

Automating website creation could pose several legal and regulatory issues. If websites were not made according to the latest rules and updated when a new law comes into force, their owners could close their business in no time. While robots could design sites on a massive scale, it is not likely that visitors would benefit from the
content produced or republished on them.

People Can React to Changes: RobotsCan’t

Google algorithms change on a regular basis. Keeping up with the changes and staying on top of the updates is a manual but essential job. Being aware of the latest trends and customer behaviour changes is something that a robot cannot achieve. If you want
to meet the expectations of your market better in the future, you will need to employ a reliable and knowledgeable, forward-thinking
web development company to complete the job.

Adobe’s AI Web Design

Adobe is in the process of building an automated AI web design software at the moment. Implementing machine learning, the company will try to teach the robots all the elements, so you can program them to your needs, and get a stunning unique site according to your needs. The problem is that - no matter how good
the software will be - the number of pieces of information you can give the program is limited. They will not read your body language, and guess what you really need. Therefore, web developers and creatives are likely to be safe from this new software.  

The Value of Web Development Might Change

When an increasing number of web development tasks
can be automated
, the value of the work designers do might change. You will not focus that much on programming, and pay more attention to the creative side of the work. This might mean that your time will be worth less, or more, depending on how you approach the changes. If you implement the new technology and improve the
quality of your services, your salary shouldn’t go down.

How Can You Protect Your Web Development Business of Job?

The most important thing you need to do is listen to the changes and change with the needs, expectations, and behaviours of the customers. Every creative needs to find their unique selling proposition that makes them stand out from the crowd, and
learn to communicate it with their potential market. While the time when
design studios are ran by robots is far in the future, it is possible.

Creative professionals, illustrators, and web developers will need to embrace modern technology to make their job easier. However, to get ready for the competition of AI that is likely to enter the marketplace in the next few years or decades, they will have to focus on developing a unique selling proposition that makes their job clearly more valuable for customers than that completed by artificial
intelligence. Web designers are not among the first professionals who will lose their jobs to AI, but they need to focus more on their unique offerings and customer relationships to carry on attracting clients.

Can Creativity Be Automated? Artificial Intelligence and the Web Development Industry

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