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Could You Run A Little Family B&B

By Business Desk

Tuesday, April 10, 2018.

A family B&B is one of the cutest little setups you’ll ever find. Well, most of them are. There are some B&B’s out there that are just ruining the industry and giving smaller establishments a bad name. But to others, it’s their pride and joy, and getting it right and setting it up really isn’t that hard. All you need is a good location, some form of building to convert, and good hospitality. The buildings that people usually convert are pubs, old buildings, cottages etc. It has to have a bit of character if you want to draw in customers. So, if you think you have what it takes to run a family B&B, check out the tips below to make sure you do before going on such a big venture.

Hotel Vibes

When we say hotel vibes, we don’t mean your budget hotels where you can still see the dust gathering on the sides. We’re talking 5* luxury that actually isn’t that hard to replicate. When first renovating a building to a B&B, use the chance to make sure everything is plush and new. From hotel carpet, to modern bathrooms with both shower and bath facilities. You might end up spending a fortune renovating the whole building to a high standard. But the better your building looks, the more people are going to be willing to pay you. If you’re struggling for design inspiration, just go onto websites such as Booking.com where you can view different pictures of rooms, then take your inspiration from there. Focus on comfort with the mattress and bedding that you provide, and always make sure you’ve got a decent enough sized flat screen TV, air con, and tea and coffee making facilities. If you wanted to go truly upmarket and go 5*, you could even offer services like pickups and dropoffs, free parking, and taking bags up to the room whilst guests have a complimentary drink. It doesn’t take much to please the people you’re caring for!


The way you treat your guests in terms of hospitality is going to determine the reviews you get, and boy can guests leave some bad reviews if they’re not happy with the way you treat them. Make sure you’re always giving a service with a smile, and make sure your staff are always clued up on this. No matter how frustrating or demanding a customer is, you must always try and meet their needs. Always say hello to guests and they pass, and whatever you do, always make sure cleaning standards are the highest. Check every nook and cranny for the slightest of marks. It’ll please guests more than you realise.

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Food & Drink

Food and drink plays a big part in a B&B’s success. Breakfast is in the name, so you best know how to cook up a good one. Make sure it is always cooked fresh and to order, and always offer top ups. Just because it isn’t buffet, doesn’t mean your customers shouldn’t have the pleasure of eating as much as they. Make sure you offer vegan, gluten free, and continental options to cater for a wider audience.

Could You Run A Little Family B&B

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