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Adding A Little More Culture To Our Lives

By Features Desk

Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

It’s very easy to become a little locked in the hobbies that we tend to enjoy. From time to time, this can prevent us from escaping our comfort zone and becoming better people in general. For some people (especially those who work often, and who could blame them?) it can be easy to forget the beauty of art and joy from week to week. Life can be hard, especially when there’s a fair amount of responsibility to take care of each week. This can lead us to feel a little bit like a tree without colorful leaves to grow. We’re there sure, but expressing ourselves has become something that seems like a distant memory.

This is the exact time when adding a little culture to our lives becomes the most important thing to do. There are a few methods of doing this, and a few reasons as to why it works. We’d suggest that the following fun activities can shock you out of your normal routine and challenge you in ways you might be needing:

Head To The Theatre!

The theatre is a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy. Often, it can be rather low on our list in terms of the entertainment we choose. However, if you usually enjoy laying back to Netflix on Friday night, then consider taking the effort to head to your local venue and see a play that you might not have heard of. The expressiveness of the immediacy of the piece, the colors, the music (sometimes live!) and the depth of witnessing someone act right in front of you can often feel much more visceral and wonderful than seeing something on a screen. The theatre often still focuses on repeating old stories, and this can be an incredibly culturally enriching thing to witness. This also makes for a wonderful and exciting date idea, so we’d suggest you have a lot to look forward to.

Learn An Instrument!

Learning an instrument can often help us form new mental connections in creativity, as there’s something intrinsically balanced in wonder between learning the practical realities of an instrument and expressing ourselves with it. From Pianos to the violin, consider picking up something you have always wanted to via a local teacher, and learn a few songs! You’ll find that this effort in expression will often lend itself to other areas of your life.

It could be that effort learning an instrument might lead you to feel less worry risking other forms of creativity, such as writing, painting, or simply reading great books.

Expose Yourself!

Often we can limit ourselves to the culture we were raised in. This is wonderful and a great way to preserve the best aspect of ourselves, but it can also lead us to put on blinders. There are so many great countries with stunning cultures that deserve us exposing ourselves to them. If you can head out of your comfort zone in this way, you’ll likely find enriching knowledge all around you until your final days.

With these small tips, adding a little more culture to our lives becomes a practical and desirable daily occurrence.

Adding A Little More Culture To Our Lives

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