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The Satisfying Career Opportunities Of Scotland

By Features Desk

Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

Scotland has forever been one of the more cornered parts of the UK. it's a nation that does go through its political turmoil as it grapples the debate of leaving the kingdom or not. However, it's a place where industry and business have always thrived. From building the best warships in the world to the new innovative small business scene, it's a land full of career opportunities. It's known for its harsh weather but the cities are modern with great restaurants, leisurely activities, schools, homes, and industries. London may be the business and financial capital of the UK and indeed Europe but Scotland has a smaller populace, therefore, you’re competing with fewer people for the same job. Automation has not rocked Scotland has hard as it may other nations as the focus has been to accommodate new kinds of jobs at the same time. It's a nation that produces a lot of oil, as well as the North Sea Oil barrels, keep coming in off the shore. However, you may want to look at certain areas more than others.

Buzzing hospitality

Scotland is a land of mystery and folklore for many around the world, which is why tourism is industry is booming and attributes about 5% of GDP to the nation. If you work in the hospitality industry, there are many great opportunities. Glasgow can be a great city to work in, especially if you’re responsible for some of the 3 million visitors that come to the country. Brush up on your history and you can work together with travel agencies and hotels to make a culturally important tour for guests. It's a great chance to be part of a growing economy if you work as hotel director, manager or tour operator. The largest visiting numbers come from America and other such as France and Germany are close behind. You get to meet lots of different people from all over the world and provide an experience that they will not forget in a hurry.

The industries

Engineering and manufacturing are and have always been a large part of Scotland. They’re ingrained into the country and the people. It's little wonder then that the British government may well decide to build their new spaceport in Sutherland. It's got one of the richest histories and industries in shipbuilding anywhere in the world. Whether you have expertise in commercial ships for cruise companies or for modern warfare, there’s a job that is waiting for you in Scotland. The price of oil may have dipped recently, some might say nosedived, but it's coming up again. If you have no issue working on offshore oil rigs then the North Sea Oil program can provide you with lots of opportunities. Artificial intelligence is going to create more jobs than it cancels out in Scotland, so there will be cutting edge roles being made.

Scotland is the second largest economy of the UK behind England. Yet it's only a nation of around 4 million. This means that there’s more than enough opportunity to go around. If you work in an industry or business, Scotland has a new home for you.

The Satisfying Career Opportunities Of Scotland

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