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Be Wary Of These Things During A Break Up

By Features Desk

Friday, September 14, 2018.

All good things come to an end, and relationships are no exception. When we first meet eyes with someone we don’t know, and we feel a spark, the thought of breaking up doesn't even occur. We’re trapped in a web of romance and lust, and we hope and pray that we have finally found the person we’re going to love forever. It would be foolish to think this is possible all the time, as even love in a relationship can slowly but surely erode.

The loss of attraction and care for your girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t abnormal, but breaking up in a harsh way is. Contrary to what is thought of as the norm, breakups don’t have to be vindictive and mean-spirited. Quite the opposite actually, as most people just want it to be over, and close that chapter of the life. On the other hand, there are individuals that have mindsets and personalities that do cause problems. You’ve probably never even seen this side of that person until it was time to split and go your separate ways. The shock of their actions can limit your ability to think carefully and not put yourself in harm’s way. So be wary of certain things during a tense break up.

Take care of property

It's generally a good idea to be suspicious that your property might get damaged by the other person. Even if on the face of things, she or he is acting normal, and sounds like they don’t hold a grudge against you. Do the sensible thing and slowly make preparations for moving and or storing your property somewhere else. If you have moved in together, or have your things in their home and they have theirs in your home, it may be hard to track what is going on. The first thing you need to do is to move all of your things out of their home. This could be clothes, mobile phones, computer technology, tablets or pads, and even small things like plates and cutlery.

Then move their things out of your home also, taking care to not break anything. It's recommended that you film everything that you do. A modern smartphone generally will have a great camera, and so you should be placing it somewhere it can capture everything you’re doing. This could be placing it in the corner of a room, while you gather your former partner’s belongings while being recorded. You can also hold up the smartphone in one hand to act as a POV recording. The bottom line is document everything you do so that later on, they cannot claim you destroyed their property.

Remove gifts of any kind

Throughout a relationship, it's common to give each other gifts. These gifts can be things that aren’t worth a lot, but hold sentimental value, or they could be very expensive. For example, you could give your girlfriend or boyfriend a gift of sneakers for Christmas, or perhaps an expensive diamond ring for their birthday. When you break up, any of these gifts can be claimed back if the person that gave them wants to. That’s why you should be willing to give back anything that was given to you, no matter what the value is, just so you can avoid them filing a small claims court case.

Other things like sending over romantic or provocative picture of themselves via text messaging, email, or any other kind of social media platform, should be erased. Not only does this give the person closure that they are not being spread around the internet, but also that they know you don’t have them anymore as you too will no longer have the right to own them without their consent. In case you are accused of having their pictures, they could file a lawsuit and you’ll need the help and expertise of an indecent images lawyer. It can be a harrowing experience to be accused of having exposing images of the person you used to date, which sent them to you voluntarily to ‘spice things up’. That’s why the lawyers that are specialist in this field should be contacted if or when it gets serious. They will pick apart the holes in the opposition’s and police’s case right from the beginning, planting the flag to your defence early.

Record any abuse

The thought may not have even crossed your mind because you hold your ex up to a higher standard than they may actually be, but things can get physical during breakups. It's best to make sure you are recording audio or even video when arguments are happening. Just in case the other person does do something that is violent or in the nature of harassment, you’re prepared to show evidence to the authorities should they come asking.

It doesn’t have to be physical, it can also be abusing your possessions. For example, keying your car, slashing the tyres, throwing stones or bricks through your windows are all provocations and in the spite of doing harm to you. Your partner may also cause trouble at your work, such as phoning in and asking for you, causing you to drop whatever important task you’re doing to only hear verbal abuse and insults thrown at you, or maybe even just a dial tone because they hung up. Take down the date, time and what the event was in writing and with video also if you can. Anything of this nature can be used in your favor, should you ever need to prove your reasoning in a court of law. This is useful if there is a case against you, or if you wish to file a restraining order.

Break ups are usually civil, as no one wants trouble of any kind. The sole intention of both parties should be to move on and leave each other amicably. However, what can sometimes occur is abuse, physical altercations and a series of harassing events. For your protection, be wary of these things happening to you and look out for the signs. Recording video of the incidents is your best option as it builds up evidence in your favor, of which cannot be denied.

Be Wary Of These Things During A Break Up

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