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Three Things You'll Need To Let Go For a Healthy Happy 2019

By Features Desk

Tuesday, December 18, 2018.

The new year is almost upon us. What will it bring for you? A change in job or career? A new relationship? New friends and colleagues? New sights, sounds, scents, tastes and experiences? A new car or even a new home? Whoever you are and whatever you do there’s bound to be something for you to look forward to in 2019. However, if we’re not careful we can close ourselves off from everything the coming year has to offer us.

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Since time immemorial the winter solstice and the coming of the new year have been a time of regrowth, rebirth and renewal. A time when we shed all that has held us back and propel ourselves into the future with open arms, hearts and minds. If you cling to the trauma and pain of the past or even a rose tinted perception of a yesterday that never really was, you could keep yourself from living up to your full potential in many ways. For a healthy and happy 2019 you owe it to yourself to let go of...

Your grief

Trauma is like a rock thrown into a still lake. Its ripples are seen and felt long after the rock has sunk out of sight. When we have lost someone close to us, it may feel as though a little of life’s color has been drained away forever. Yet, while we should never seek to erase those we have lost from our memories, it behoves us to unshackle ourselves from our grief. Grief is a trap that harms nobody but us.

Letting go of grief, however, is hard when someone has been taken from us wrongfully. In which case we should try and get closure by enlisting a firm like Robinette Law to seek justice. However you do it, you need to disentangle your grief from the memory of those you have lost.  

Your nostalgia

Nostalgia is extremely intoxicating. Seriously! Many of the ways in which nostalgia affects the brain are not dissimilar to psychotropic substances. It’s understanding that we may be tempted to use nostalgia as our drug of choice. Who wouldn’t want the blanket of comforting familiarity to be wrapped around them? Who wouldn’t want to retreat to a simpler time in a divided and hostile social and political climate (especially for people of color). However, retreating to tomorrow for our daily fix of happiness can prevent us from finding real joy in the future.

Your fear

Fear is a survival instinct, for sure, but it can also really hold us back. It can keep us trapped in jobs where we’re unfulfilled and careers that lead nowhere. It can prevent us from taking the risks which could transform our lives for the better. It can prevent us from telling someone special how we feel about them or taking the opportunity for health, wealth and happiness when it’s right there in front of us. Let it go!

Whatever the new year brings you, set aside those impediments and be the best that you can be!

Three Things You'll Need To Let Go For a Healthy Happy 2019

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