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Are You Doing Enough With Your Fleet Of Business Vehicles?

By Business Desk

Thursday, December 20, 2018.

As an entrepreneur, making the most of your assets is essential. However, it’s very easy to overlook key items, particularly those that are often out of sight and out of mind. The fleet of company vehicles certainly falls into this category. If you’ve been guilty of under-appreciating the value of these assets, it’s time to change it for the better.


Here are the best ways to ensure that your vehicles are providing your business with the value that you deserve.

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If you are using internal delivery services, it’s important to remember that you won’t always need a huge truck. Likewise, a small transit van might not always do the job. Having a range of vehicles and sizes ensures that you are prepared for every situation. This will allow you to reduce the carbon footprint, avoid repeat journeys, and generally put your business in a strong position. Meanwhile, you may wish to consider leasing vehicles rather than buying them outright.


Educate Your Team


The quality of the vehicles gives you a great starting point. However, success in this area is a little futile if the drivers aren’t trained. Investing in advanced driving courses for your staff could be a very beneficial idea. It could reduce insurance costs, may prevent costly and damaging accidents, and makes them feel more confident. This should extend to forklift drivers and other vehicle users. Knowing that your team are safe behind the wheel will put your mind at ease in the process.


Turn Them Into Marketing Tools


First and foremost, your vehicles are used to transport people and goods. However, it is possible to provide another function by using them as part of your marketing plans. Vinyls, decals, and personalised number plates can all have a positive influence with immediate results. If it helps feed into the brand while getting the name out there, it could generate new revenue. By having vehicles pay for themselves in this manner, the entire business is sure to reap the rewards.

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Protect Them


Whether leasing or owning the vehicles, you should try to keep them in great health at all times. Enabling them to perform better for longer can make a significant impact on the company’s overheads. Using red diesel, for example, can leave the engines in far better condition on every single journey. Likewise, paying extra attention to the tyre pressure and fluids will ensure that the car gets more miles to the gallon. Of course, checking the brakes and other key items is equally key.


Make Additional Revenue


Your company vehicles are primarily designed to serve your business. But you can still use them to great effect when the venture doesn’t need them. This could achieved from renting them out to other companies or allowing others to send their deliveries through your team. Or you could sell your older vehicles. Even if it only earns you a small level of additional revenue, it all helps. This money can be reinvested into the business to accelerate your progress even further.

Are You Doing Enough With Your Fleet Of Business Vehicles?

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