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How The Internet Can Help You Relieve Stress

By Features Desk

Thursday, March 7, 2019.

We use the internet all the time. It’s how we access our emails, where we’re given reminders about bills and all the tasks we need to get done that day, week, or beyond. It’s how our employers can contact us (even at the weekends). So, it might not be the internet you turn to when it comes to looking for good ways to relieve stress; most of the time it just seems to bring us more of it.

However, the internet can be a wonderful source of stress relief if you use it the right way and look in the right places. Read on to find out more about what those places are and how you can relax through the internet.

Play Games

Games are not something that are just for children, and although many adults feel they have grown out of playing, what has really happened is that they just forget how to enjoy it, and tell themselves they don’t have the time. By making time to play online games at Unibet, you’ll remember how much fun it is, and because they require your full attention, all your other worries and troubles will melt away while you are playing, meaning your mind and body can finally relax and unwind. The benefits of online games have been discussed here by Very Well Mind.

There are many different types of games to play online including:

  • Hidden object games

  • Multi-player strategy games

  • Card games

  • Casino games

  • Platform games

Window Shopping

If you’ve ever gone out to browse the shop windows in your local mall or along the main street where you live, you’ll know that it can be a truly relaxing experience, which is why ShoppersBase recommends it. It enables you to dream about what you might like to buy without spending any money – perfect for when your budget is tight, but you enjoy shopping.

The same can be done online. Browse exciting websites that sell anything and everything from furniture to clothing to vacations. Enjoy the fun of choosing items, searching for different colors, looking at flight times and hotels without actually having to pay for anything. You’ll feel relaxed and happy when you’ve finished. This can also act as a great incentive to save up and treat yourself should the right opportunity come along.


Videos that you can find online are one of the easiest ways to enjoy some downtime using the internet. You can use a specific platform such as YouTube, or you can log in to an account such as Netflix. No matter what service you use, you will be streaming through the internet to your laptop, phone, tablet, or perhaps your TV.

There are millions of videos available to watch, and what you choose will depend on your own tastes and how you like to relax. Old movies, pop videos, interviews, TV shows, funny clips of animals, and much more are all at your disposal, and you can choose whatever is going to help you to unwind the best.


Sites such as Pinterest are a wonder for those who love crafts and are looking for a new project. If you enjoy relaxing by painting, knitting, crocheting, baking, making music, or any other artistic endeavor, Pinterest and similar sites will show you new ideas and ways of working that will allow you to do a lot more.

How The Internet Can Help You Relieve Stress

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