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Dedicated to those strong souls with Aids


By Toya Y. Williams


Encircled in the arms of heaven

We wear this red on shoulders and backs

Never again able to relax

Because God's first and last kiss is in the wind

A wind of Aids

Engulfed in this wind we blow from time and space

But exist in the shadow of the fears of others

We will climb the highest mountain

No doubt.. When doubt was handed in stares of ignorance

And this wind will help a nation stand up against this fear of ignorance

While I am encircled in the arms of God's

God's of all nations

All Nations!!

We share this thin blood line of hate

This smile of grace

Wrapped in a red ribbon

Wrapped in this enclosed loop

Carry me forever even when God gives me that last kiss good-night

And my eyes close

And my heart stops


But I am forever in the quilt

The wall

In you

We are children, men, women,

All Nations

All Nations

There is no definite race

This wind will swallow every face

With hollow trace, Hollow trace

But we stand here hand in hand encircled by strength and God's grace


Toya Y. Williams is a final year student at Virginia Wesleyan College, Virginia Beach, USA. She was awarded a Presidential and White House Silver medal for Community Services in 2005 and is a 2006 Poetry Ambassador for the United States.


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