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The Top Technologies That Every Student Should Have

By Education Desk

Wednesday, June 12, 2019.

Going off to university is the first time for many things. You’ll be far away from home which means you need to learn to live on your own and by yourself. You won’t be getting any free meals, you won’t be getting a free room to stay in and pretty much everything is going to be coming out of your own pocket. This is a taste of the real world which you will be getting for the first time. You do have so much more freedom and choice for how you want to live your own life. But don’t forget you’re in a place of learning, taking on new challenges in the subject that you have chosen. So despite being on your own, technology is here to pick up the slack. Technology is something every single student should have a good grasp of. Some of the best tech in the world has been designed purely for the student market, but other things can also help massively too. Which tech is more important for helping you with your studies?

Writing with an extra brain

You’ll be doing a lot of writing when you’re in class. The lecturer will speak fast at times as time is tight and they have a lot to get through. This is why a smart pen is a brilliant choice for your time at university. It can write on digital surfaces such as your smartphone or your tablet. It can digitize your handwriting automatically so you take notes just as you would when writing on a piece of paper. This is an awesome tool for other things as well as many smart pens have extra features that act like additional brain for you. You can record yourself using the smart pen and upload it to your cloud storage accounts such as Google Drive. If you are not able to write the notes fast enough, you can speak into the speaker of the phone, and it will record your voice. You can play back the recording any time you want but you can also transfer it to your email account. It's lightweight and thin, so it's nothing like you would expect i.e. bulky.

With a quick swipe

To go with our digital pen, you need a digital textbook. You can use your tablet but bear in mind that you might have different things going on in that technology such as videos, internet surfing and different classes. The digital textbook is only performing one task for you, therefore it's not going to be slowed down by other open applications. It's also great because you don’t need to buy real paper textbooks which saves you a lot of money over the years. You can use this as your main textbook for every subject and or class that you have. It's much better that lugging around 3 or 4 different textbooks to go along with all your other subject books. As you would expect you can also write notes in the margins without running out of room. So you can point an arrow at a certain sentence or word, and highlight what it means in the margins. No more turning pages halfway through frantic note writing either, because a simple one finger swipe will load up a new page in milliseconds.

Closed cup headset

At university, there is no set time for when you can study as it's totally up to you. However, university dorms are anything but quiet sometimes, so you need to think about your own sanity when you are among many other different people. You’re going to be driven mad when you’re trying to study late at night, but your neighbors are having a party with blaring music. To shut out the noise you should buy yourself a good pair of closed cup headphones. However you might as well get a closed cup headset instead. With a headset you have a built-in microphone which you can use to talk to people online. Various applications like Google Hangouts, Skype and streaming services as you get on Twitch or YouTube come in handy when you’re trying to speak to someone for free. The closed cup means that a tight seal is formed around your ears and noise from outside is almost non-existent. You can therefore put some music on and carry on studying while not being disturbed.

While on the move

As a student you will be travelling around a lot for your course but also when it's the start and beginning of semester. Seeing as you’re young and half some time to yourself, you might also want to travel around with your new friends and see the world. But you need to stay connected with the outside world using your smartphone. The problem is that many companies don’t offer deals that are cost-effective for students. You try to watch some videos online or check out the news and you are already digging into your credit. Something like a Student SIM is very valued in your situation. The bill for any unused data at the end of the month is taken off the bill for the next month. This means that you can use 4G all you want on your mobile network and not have to pay for data you didn’t use. The unlimited plan is £25 a month with no restrictions, no throttling back, so unlike some deals that say they are limitless, this one actually is. Calls and texts are unlimited if you’re in the UK. You need only try it for one month, if you’re not satisfied with the service then there’s no obligation to join.

When you’re off to university for maybe 2, 3 or 4 years you need to have technology that will make life easier. For studying you should get a smart pen which can write on digital surfaces but also record your voice notes so you can share them on your cloud accounts later on. Get yourself a digital textbook so you can make quite efficient notes and not have to carry around multiple paper books.

The Top Technologies That Every Student Should Have

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