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The Routes You Can Take Into Law

By Careers Desk

Friday, July 12, 2019.

If you want a career in law, it might be something you start thinking about in high school or while doing a bachelor's degree. It could also be something that you consider later in life, when you're already working or studying in another field. If you've decided that a career in law is what you want, there are a few ways you could find your path and start working in the field.

Go to Law School

The traditional way to start working in law, especially if you want to be a lawyer, is to go to law school and get your JD degree. You usually need to have a bachelor's degree first, which could be in any subject, although degrees related to law are available.

Use Your Existing Expertise

If you already have a career, you might consider how you can switch from your current role to something related to law. To do this, consider your existing experience and expertise. For example, if your background is in accounting or nursing, both of these areas could help you into a new career in law the relates to your existing expertise.

Earn an LLM Online

Anyone who wants to add to their existing qualifications, whether you already have a law degree or not, should consider an LLM. A Master of Laws expands your knowledge of the law and legal system, and it can help with employability in certain legal fields. Taking your LLM online can help you to fit it around other commitments.  
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The Routes You Can Take Into Law

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