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Want A Music Career? Carve Out Your Own Online Platform

By Features Desk

Sunday, July 21, 2019,

Do you have an online platform? What do you use it for? Social media here and there, YouTube for some light entertainment etc., but what about in your career? If you’re musically minded, this could be a great next step for you.

It’s easier, now more than ever, to make music and post it online to an audience of very receptive fans. There are billions of people online, across a variety of platforms, which means you’ve got almost a world’s worth of people out there waiting for you! 

Of course, not everyone will like what you put out, and there’s no guarantee of success straight away, but it’s definitely a worthy pursuit. After all, you get to create in the way you want, and you pave the way to get recognised for it. 

So, to help you on your journey to some kind of musical stardom, let’s make sure you’re doing it on your own terms. You can make your own music, and promote it, independently, even if you’ve only got a mic hooked up in your bedroom! 

An online platform can soon lead to a real stage, with you front and center! (Image)

Get to Know the Scene

First of all, it’s important to do your research. You’re going to need to scope out the scene, and determine what genres are popular right now, and what ones have more of a niche or cult following. After all, you can make whatever kind of music you like, but there’s no guarantee the audience you’re trying to reach will have a preference for it. 

So in comes a little bit of networking, and little bit of reading the market. Get to know the artists just like you, who started at home or in their garage, and are now gaining a little bit of traction with their online platforms. Follow them on social media, comment on their posts - if you consistently show your support, it’ll be much easier to gain a follow back, or a DM here and there. 

And as we said, make sure you’ve got your genres down as well. Dip in and out of them all, let them influence your own music, work out what lyrical styles work best etc. Even just digging into the mumble rap scene alone is a great start to your musical career; this term branches out over the most commonly seen tracks uploaded to sharing platforms, and it’s always best to target one or two of these local scenes to assess your own talent.

Learn How to Promote Yourself

Of course, if you want to make it big online, you’re going to have to dig deep into marketing yourself, and learning how to promote yourself. A lot of new artists can be quite nervous when it comes to sharing what they make, so it might be best to keep your tracks private for the time being, and only share them with a select few people. Consider this an early practice stage. 

Because once your friends and family start following you, and tell you just how great your sound is, it’s going to be a lot easier to open yourself up. You can start creating social media accounts solely dedicated to your music (and brand as an artist), and with a few demos already in the bag, it won’t be hard to get posting! 

At the same time, make sure you know your hashtags, to make sure your work can be easily found. You want to be relevant when you’re using the internet to promote yourself, so don’t try and spam your tags in - instead, target tags that have a mild following, and don’t update as regularly as the popular tags, where over a million people actively share. 

And a quick final note: make sure you put your songs on all kinds of platforms, to make sure they can be found a lot easier! It’s also a lot more convenient for any fans you do attract - for example, if you’re uploading to Soundcloud, try to get your song on Spotify as well, as the latter app is much easier to use on the go. 

Are You Ready to Make Some Noise?

It’s a scene that can seem oversaturated at first, but everyone out there has their own unique sound. Make sure you’re posting yours online for people to listen in on, and don’t let a low following or sparse comments knock you back. Perseverance is the way into an agent’s heart, if that’s what you want! 

Want A Music Career? Carve Out Your Own Online Platform

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