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How to Keep Stylish and Help the Planet


By Features Desk



Thursday, August 2, 2019.


The fashion industry has a huge, dirty secret, and that is the production of clothes in the last few decades alone has caused massive environmental damage.


It is estimated that fashion is the fifth most polluting industry on the planet, though exact figures are difficult to calculate. Regardless of the numbers, the fact remains that rivers run chemically dyed colors, entire lakes have dried up, thousands of people have died, species have been brought to near extinction, 8% of global greenhouse-gas emissions have been produced, and it’s all because of the fashion industry.

Fashion is a personal art form, but that doesn’t mean we have to destroy the planet to do it. In fact, with conscious consumers just like you leading the helm, you can help the planet and fill your closet with stunning clothes. You just need to follow these steps to begin:


Be Careful of How You Dispose of Unwanted Clothes


Clothes go out of style, they wear through, we just don’t like them anymore – there are plenty of reasons to get rid of clothes in your closet. Just be careful with how you dispose of them so that they don’t end up in landfill or being incinerated.


Mend Clothes You Want to Keep


If there is hope for a piece of clothing that you love, then you have to try to bring it back to life. If you aren’t confident in your own sewing and mending skills, go to a tailor to get it done.


Sell or Donate Good Quality Clothes


For items that are of good quality, sell them to make some money back or donate them directly to a thrift store or vintage store.


Find a Recycling Program Near You

There are recycling programs popping up everywhere to help keep clothing waste out of landfill. If the item cannot be donated or the material recycled, then the clothes will be shredded to be used as insulation.


Be Strategic With Your Shopping


When shopping you will want to:


·        Decide in Advance to Avoid Impulse Buying

·        Choose Natural, High Quality Fibers

·        Invest in Classic Designs

·        Choose Sustainable Brands


Invest in Your Wardrobe


A sustainable wardrobe is one that was made with consciousness, care, and consideration for the environment. It should be full of natural fibers that will biodegrade at the end of their life, and they should be made so well that you can expect to wear them for decades before you finally throw in the towel. These pieces are more expensive, which is why it is best to focus your spending on style staples, like the little black dress.


If you already have a lightweight LBD, then give your winter wardrobe its own style basic with a sustainably produced State Cashmere dress, which is made of Grade A cashmere. By wearing this dress year after year, you can look fashionable, stay warm, and know that your purchase helped support local cashmere rearing families directly. At the end of its life, your cashmere dress will also completely degrade without a trace. 



What to Remember Before Buying


Before you buy anything, you need to be certain that you love the piece so much you can easily wear it at least 30 times. This number, decided by Livia Firth of Eco Age, is a great milestone to reach, as most clothes are only own 7 times before being thrown away.





How to Keep Stylish and Help the Planet

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