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3 Ways to Make Use of a Website in Your Business

By Business Desk

Thursday, August 29, 2019.

The internet has given many businesses the opportunity to trade globally. It has broken down barriers for cross-country trade with e-Commerce websites allowing anyone to purchase anything, from pretty much anywhere. However, there are many more important areas in which the internet can be used to enhance a business. Online commerce is one, but this article looks at three other ways your business can make use of the internet. 

Staff Training and Upskilling

It wasn’t long ago that the only way to learn new skills would be to go to college or join a company and learn them on the job. Now all you need to do is head online, find a course you want to study, and complete it in your own time. 

There are so many different courses that are available to study online on sites like Udemy. Some of them are vocational and some are the same level as those found in colleges and universities. You can study all the way up to master's degrees online in a range of subjects. 

The advantage for businesses is that employees can study while working full time. That way employees can put what they are learning into practice straight away. Online courses can also be very cheap, so sending a whole team to refresh their skills on Google AdWords, for example, is very cost-effective and can bring huge benefits to your business. 


Even if your business does not trade online, you can still make use of the internet for marketing. Most of your customers are likely to be online and it’s a great way to reach them cost-effectively and in high volumes. Implementing something like a Facebook marketing campaign can be great for driving footfall to a store. This type of campaign would allow you to advertise to people who are within a certain radius of your store or who live in a certain area. 

According to Just Legal Marketing, the effective use of keywords on a website can also be a great way to attract local customers. People often search for terms like ‘shoe shop near me’. Using a good mixture of keywords and SEO will ensure that your business appears somewhere in the rankings when someone types this in, thus directing them to your offline store. 

Process Automation

By far one of the most useful ways you can use the internet in your business is to digitize existing processes. Manual processes take a long time to complete and can be prone to errors. There is a lot of software that is hosted in the cloud that can help you automate processes that cost you time and money. Everything from accounting software to product information management software will help you and your employees to work more effectively and with fewer restrictions. 

The other advantage of software that is hosted in the cloud is that it is often sold as a SaaS model. This means that it can be paid for monthly and that the vendor is responsible for updating and hosting the software, not you. This keeps IT costs down and doesn’t take up and space on your hard drive. 

Three Ways to Make Use of a Website in Your Business

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