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3 Businesses You Could Start at Home Today

By Business Desk


Monday, September 2, 2019.

Whether you’re looking for a nice side hustle that can supplement your income, or want to start a full-fledged business, there are tons of ways that you can start one from the comfort of your home nowadays. The number of options is virtually endless. Some require more effort and capital than others, while others can be started on a dime. Here are some examples of great home based businesses you could start today.


Do you have a way with words? Or do you have any sort of technical skills? Or any experience as a voice actor or singer? If that’s your case, there are plenty of opportunities out there to sell your services. Getting started as a freelance provider is pretty easy - the harder part is getting clients. 

The first thing you have to do is make sure that you put your work out there. This could be done by starting a blog. This is a great place to showcase your work, and you can focus on marketing your blog and advertising your services through it. You could also set up a Fiverr account and start selling your services through your social media or blog. Fiverr gigs are a great, safe, and an easy way to get work and get paid, and your ratings will also help you build a reputation.

Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is an increasingly popular business model that virtually anyone can start. The principle behind it is simple; you find suppliers online who carry the items you want to sell, you advertise these products yourself using pictures and get sales, buy the items from the seller, and have them ship the items directly to your clients. With dropshipping, you don’t have to invest in or manage inventory. You’re also not tied up to any physical location either.

To start a dropshipping business, you first need a website however. Going for a cloud VPS is a great low cost and secure option to host your website. Services like Krystal offer fully encrypted cloud VPS that are also PCI compliant, which is perfect if you're going to be processing and storing client information. Their packages start very low as well. If you want to know more about their packages, you can visit Krystal.co.uk.

Become a Home Tutor

This is another way that you can sell your expertise. If you’re a naturally good teacher and great at simplifying complex subjects, then you could work as a home tutor. Parents will be ready to pay good money to make sure that their children perform well, and if you understand how to market your services on a local level, you should be able to get clients. The important part is knowing what niches are in demand in your area and building a reputation.

All these business ideas can be started in a day and with minimal resources. These could be great options for anyone who wants to start a business on the side, but all of these can be scaled as well if you eventually want to become financially independent.

Three Businesses You Could Start at Home Today

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