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Top 3 Ways to Handle a Data Breach at Work


By Business Desk


Monday, September 23, 2019.

Data breaches are a common occurrence in modern society, as so much of our everyday life now takes place online. From personal details to business information, the amount of data that we store online grows every day, and it being in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. As data breaches have become increasingly more common in recent years, individuals have become desensitized to them and the damaging effects they can have on both personal and professional lives. However, this nonchalant approach to breaches is damaging to data security, and with new data protection legislation recently been introduced, in the form of GDPR, businesses are now required to protect themselves from data breaches, know how to deal with a data breach, and are obligated to report any data breaches that have occurred. Data breaches at businesses are known to cause irreparable damage to companies, often leading to a business going bust as a consequence. Therefore, we have put together these top three ways that you can handle a data breach at work, limiting the damage they can cause. 

Stop the Breach 

It is important that as soon as a data breach takes place you are aware of it and stop it as soon as possible. The longer that a data breach goes on for, the more information is at risk, so time is of the essence and you or your staff need to know how to work quickly on how to rectify it. You should already have a procedure in place so everyone knows what to do, and this should start by ensuring all systems that hackers have gained access to are isolated, to stop the breach from penetrating the entire system. 

Assess the Damage 

Once the attack has been controlled and eliminated, you should then thoroughly go over all the information that has been taken and investigate how the data breach occurred. By knowing exactly what happened to allow the hackers access to your data you can prevent any such attacks happening again. Also, be aware that the hacker may have left malware behind, which means that further data could still be at risk. 

Do a Security Audit 

You should carry out a security audit both before and after a data breach takes place as it is important that you have a good quality IT security system in place at all times. While many businesses and companies consider their IT system to be sufficient, a regularly performed security audit ensures that all security is up to date. You should also consider using a Secure Data Recovery system so that any data that is lost can be recovered. 

A data breach is a very serious situation that should be dealt with quickly and efficiently to try and limit the damage that has been caused. Research has found that 60 percent of small businesses go bust within six months of suffering from a data breach, so protect your business and be ready and prepared on how to deal with a data breach. 


Top 3 Ways to Handle a Data Breach at Work

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