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How To Be An Inclusive Feminist 

By Features Desk

Friday, November 29, 2019.

Whether you’re male, female, or non binary, it’s a wonderful time to be a feminist. The movement is becoming more inclusive and intersectional, but making sure you’re doing all you can and setting an example for others is still important. 

Understand That Not Everybody Has The Same Experiences 

The fact that not everybody has the same experiences may not be news to you, but it’s important to recognize any privilege you have. For example, a trans woman of color may have fewer doors open for her in life and more difficulties than a white woman, because two of her other identities (trans and woman of color) are often persecuted in society. 

Of course white women and cisgender women struggle too, but this isn't about undermining a persons struggles. It’s simply acknowledging the struggles of others and working together to alleviate them. 

Once you understand the above, you should feel more confident about inclusive feminism. 

Don’t Shame Another Person’s Feminism

Feminism can mean different things to different people. To one woman, feminism may mean having ownership over her body by showing her skin, and to another woman, feminism may mean having control over her body by covering up. Both of these women are feminist, since feminism is all about what makes people feel empowered. You should never slut shame or dismiss somebody because they have a different version of feminism to you. 

Support Other Women

Do all you can to promote and support other women. Lift one another up and build a community. Educate where you can. Below, you’ll find interesting stats on women in theatre by the numbers. See more women led shows and productions and let people know that we don’t just want to be entertained through the male gaze! 

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How To Be An Inclusive Feminist

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