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Anti-Imperialist Group Demands a Peaceful Election in Dominica

By Caribbean Desk


Thursday, December 5, 2019.

As the general elections approach in Dominica, a group of human rights activists is appealing to the Caribbean communities (CARICOM), individual Caribbean governments, political parties, religious and social organisations and individuals, to ensure that tomorrow’s election is peaceful.

The election in the Commonwealth of Dominica is scheduled to take place this Friday, 6 December, and it has become a focus of both regional and international attention.

The ruling Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is locked in bitter disagreement with the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) over the conduct of the election. As a result, the UWP has launched so far unsuccessful legal attempts to postpone the election while at the same time fielding candidates in each constituency. In addition, it has launched protests against the decision to go ahead with the election as scheduled.

Speaking at a campaign rally recently, one of the leaders of the UWP declared that the organisation would not accept the results of the election if they lost and would oust Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the leader of the DLP, from power in the same way that Evo Morales was ousted in Bolivia. The spokesperson further added that the UWP would gladly get the help of the Organisation of American States (OAS) to achieve its goal. 

But the Caribbean Anti-Imperialist Network (CAN) warns that this position represents a serious danger to peace in Dominica and to the safety and security of Dominicans. It argues that if those who have outlined these aims are allowed to continue on this road, there is a serious danger of bloodshed and loss of life in Dominica.

“This is an outcome that the Caribbean must raise its voice against,” a spokesperson for CAN says, “there is no justification for shedding blood in Dominica over an election. It is essential that everyone make themselves heard and demand in no uncertain terms that the election in Dominica be carried out peacefully, according to the laws of that country and that those who take part in the election abide by these laws and the procedures for challenging any alleged violations.”

In this regard, CAN argues that it is necessary to condemn in the strongest possible terms the destructive interference of the OAS in the situation in Dominica. The OAS, it says, is an organisation which is notorious for undermining democratic governance in the region, organising coups, backing racist forces and acting as an instrument for Washington organised regime change has been brazenly making demands of Dominica with regard to its election.

“The OAS must end its colonial interference in Dominica,” CAN says, “today, the times demand that all of us raise our voices in unity to demand that the elections in that country be held peacefully and that those who are pushing the situation towards bloodshed step back from that dangerous course of action.


Anti-Imperialist Group Demands a Peaceful Election in Dominica

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