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Tips When Sending Parcels Abroad

By Features Desk

Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

Whenever you send a parcel outside of your country, there’s a risk that something could go wrong, and it either gets damaged or lost. It’s important that you take the time to make sure it’s well packaged at your end so that it stands the best chance of making it wherever you end up sending it in one piece. Here are some tips when sending parcels abroad.

Make Sure It’s Well Packaged

Making sure it’s well packaged is always key. A lot of people who tend to send a parcel, even if it's a parcel to Australia, won’t use the right packaging that’s suited for a long-haul shipment. If in doubt, purchase packaging at your local posting office or order it online. If there’s anything that’s fragile, be sure to package it well with bubble wrap and newspaper. These are two things that do well in protecting anything that could be broken. You should also remember to write fragile, multiple times over the box in big red ink. That way, anyone handling it along the way, will know to handle it with care and not simply chuck it onto the conveyor belt or into a delivery van at the other end.

Have A Return Address On The Package

A return address on the package is essential because there’s always a chance that things will get lost along the way, and if you have no return address, it could end up being thrown out. It’s important to clearly display that return address on the back of the package. In the event that it does lose it’s way or gets rejected at the address, it will at least come back to you, and then you’ve not got the expense of having to buy a new one for the second time. It’s a small addition but it’s one that makes a difference.

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Pay For Tracking Where Possible

Tracking is something you should certainly pay for in addition to sending off your parcel, particularly if it’s abroad. The reason why is that when it’s going onto other territories, there’s every chance that it will get lost or something will go wrong. And if you’re trying to get it there by a certain time, like for someone’s birthday, at least you can give them an update if it’s been delayed or it’s gone to their local depot, and they weren’t aware.

Pay For Insurance For Valuable Items

Insurance is something of a necessity when it comes to the more valuable items. Try to ensure that you’ve considered the insurance that might be needed on things that are pretty expensive to re-purchase, particularly if they’re something that’s quite unique too. Insurance will help give you that peace of mind to make sure it gets there without too much hassle on your part. 

Sending parcels abroad can be easier than it has been before for you in the past. Use these tips to make it a stress-free process and to ensure every parcel you send gets there, wherever that may be. main image: brixtonblog.com

Tips When Sending Parcels Abroad

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