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Is There Such A Thing As Green Marketing For Business?

By Business Desk

Saturday, May 2, 2020.

When it comes to the marketing and branding of your business, you want to ensure that you represent your values as authentically as possible. However, when it comes to many methods of traditional marketing, there’s a lot of waste involved, which can make them an ill-fitting choice for a green business. Is there any way you can get your brand out there without betraying the eco-friendly message you’re trying to spread?

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Go digital 

One of the materials that are most wasted by marketing efforts is, of course, paper. Pamphlets, posters, flyers, and direct mail letters all use paper. If you want to show your dedication to running a green business then your office may already be paperless. However, you can make your marketing paperless, as well. Focusing more on digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to do that, and to make sure that you’re not missing the portion of your market who isn’t likely to spend time on a PC or laptop, then you should make sure that you’re investing in mobile marketing, as well. This way, you can get your message about being eco-friendly out without worrying about looking hypocritical due to paper use.

Take the sustainable route

If you need to make a mark on the physical world, then make sure that you’re doing it in as sustainable a method as possible. For instance, you can make sure that any flyers or pamphlets you give out are both made of recyclable materials and highly recyclable themselves, such as by using cardboard. Even when it comes to things like choosing swag for trade shows and other live events, you can look to souvenirs like reclaimed wooden badges that ensure nowhere near the level of waste you might see from the more common plastic trinkets. Sustainability is becoming a bigger focus in business and marketing, so you will surely be able to find green alternatives to whatever you need.

Market through your employees

Marketing and branding aren’t just about which ads you use, either. They can be done through how your business appeals to the public in other ways. For instance, you can get involved in cause marketing, partnering up with an organization that is aligned with you on eco-friendly aims, using your business’s profits and resources to help them contribute directly to your aims. You can also ensure your business culture better represents those green aims by allowing your employees to have paid time to volunteer towards green efforts. This may not be marketing your goods and services towards your consumers in the usual way, but it’s a way of publicly showing that you’re fulfilling your obligation to the environment. As such, the market can see that you’re serious about being behind your proposed values.

A paperless digital strategy is a good place to start, but your business may need to look at ways of marketing in the real world that are just as sustainable when it comes to how you use your resources. Hopefully, the examples above offer you some inspiration.

Is There Such A Thing As Green Marketing For Business?

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