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Tech to Improve Your Business's Customer Service

By Technology Desk

Thursday, June 11, 2020.

The standard of your business's customer service can make or break its success and survival. Without good customer service, many people will feel that a business isn't the right choice for them. They can end up switching to another brand because they're not getting what they want. Even if you have an amazing product or core service, you could lose customers if your customer service isn't up to scratch. When customer service is so important, you need to keep looking for ways to improve it. Technology can help you to make improvements to your customer service and keep it moving with the times.


Chatbots are a must-have in the modern age. It's important to offer a choice of communication channels for your customers, and being able to use an online chat is an excellent option. As well as the option of talking to a live representative, chatbots that use artificial intelligence are also useful for your business. They're not designed to replace your customer service employees but to work together with them. A chatbot can field initial questions and collect information, and the conversation could then be taken over by a member of staff if it's necessary for that to happen.

Social Media

If your business isn't already using social media, you need to start thinking about how you can make it work for you. Social media is a good marketing channel, but it's also a fantastic tool for engaging with customers and providing customer service. You can use social media to answer customers publicly, such as when replying to Facebook comments or tweets, and even to reply to reviews on sites like Facebook. You can also use private messaging when communicating directly with someone and for more sensitive information. If it can't be done over social media, you can arrange to switch smoothly to a different channel.

Telephone Tech

People might want to use online chat and social media, but the phone isn't dead yet. It can be the fastest and most secure way of talking to customers about more complex or sensitive issues. Plus, many people still prefer to do things over the phone. Installing telephony as a service is one option if you want to ensure your phone systems are up to date. It will help you to manage incoming phone calls, providing benefits such as shorter waiting times for customers. You can offer better customer service with the right phone technology.

Video Communication

Communicating with customers using video conversations might not be standard just yet. Some B2B companies might do it with their clients, but it's not as common with consumers. However, this is a service that more businesses are going to start offering. It's a way for customers to receive face-to-face customer service without having to meet anyone in person. With many businesses trying to personalize their customer service more, this could be a good way to do it.

You can improve your business's customer service through the technology you use. The latest tools and systems help you stay up to date. Image: By (c) NESA, courtesy of unsplash.com

Tech to Improve Your Business's Customer Service

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