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5 Tips To Creating A Minimalist Home

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Thursday, August 13, 2020.

Minimalist interior design refers to a simple and elegant style that has gained much popularity in the last several years. Creating a home that’s both simply designed and visually striking comes with its challenges. On top of this, you’ve got to make a fairly ‘empty’ space feel comfortable. To create a minimalist home, make a start with these five options.

1. The right storage options

Choosing the right storage is crucial to design a minimalist home. Minimal design tends to favour, ‘clever storage,’ that keeps objects hidden and makes the best use of space. Choose furniture items that are fitted with inbuilt storage (such as drawers and shelves). Floating cupboards are helpful to make a room feel bigger, alternatively try fixing your shelves higher up the wall, close to the ceilings.

2. Clutter be gone

The philosophy of minimalism is about removing all of the clutter from your home. It’s not uncommon to build up a collection of items that we no longer use or want. When these items take up too much space, this tends to compromise the appearance and functionality of our home. To help you embrace minimalism (and become amazing at tidying up), check out Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Art Of Tidying Up.’


3. Neutral color schemes

Neutral color schemes are a recurring theme within minimalist design. It’s best to choose two simple colors, for example, grey and white, or black and beige. Minimal design usually means keeping to the same color themes in every room.

4. Keep surfaces clear 

To adopt the minimal style, keep your surfaces clear and only leave out a small collection of decorative objects. Personal items should be stored away, and everything should have a set place. Keeping a home free from clutter is not always easy, but doing so does help you to make mindful purchases.

5. Simple art

Minimalism embraces the beauty of simplicity, so you should ensure that you choose simple artwork for your home. Try an abstract painting which focuses on two colors, or a sculpture made from natural materials. To find yourself an affordable piece of art try apps like Wydr. The app uses the ‘swipe left or right’ functionally of dating apps, (only here you're looking for the right piece of art)! The Saatchi art app is another great place to shop for art, and you can even use the AR setting to check out how it looks in your pad!

6. Functional objects

Remember, minimalism is about functional objects, and getting rid of excess. When you are shopping for homeware items, always consider the function, ask yourself if this object is a necessary purchase or not. Designing a minimalist home can help you to be more aware of your purchases and think carefully about everything you buy.

When you’re approaching a house renovation, keeping to a minimal design theme can help you to create a modern and sustainable home. It’s important to choose architects and interior designers who prioritize sustainability and understand a minimalist concept. You’ll find that embracing the minimalist way of life will help you to live a more  eco-friendly lifestyle.

Five Tips To Creating A Minimalist Home

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