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Want To Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers? Here Are Some Ways You Might Want to Consider


By Business Desk

Thursday, April 14, 2022.

Going the extra mile for a customer can be done in a variety of different ways. Most of all, however, it’s all about the quality of your customer service. If a previously angry or dissatisfied customer walks away with a smile on their face, you can be sure you’ve pulled off an incredible feat! But designing such an effective customer service takes time and effort, and it won’t be done within the first week of operating. 

But before you get to that stage, you need a few ways to impress a customer in the here and now. You need them to feel welcome and appreciated when they shop with you, and to want to come back (and bring their friends!) time and time again. And that’s what this post is here to help you do. 

If you can stick out in a customer’s mind, and ensure you’re the first service they think of regarding product needs in their life, half of the profit battle is already won. So without further ado, here are some little ways to go the extra mile for your customers when you’re a new and small business that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Make Emails More Personal

How many emails do you send out per day? Probably close to about 500, right? And that’s quite a few messages to have to get out there! And yet there’s a little detail you can curate to your own benefit here concerning your mailing lists: make them personal to each person who receives them and you’ll get twice as much attention from your customers. 

If someone signs up to a mailing list, not only do you have their email, but you have their name to make good use of as well. So at the very least, make sure all correspondence sent their way is entitled with the name of the receiver. You can then send emails on significant dates to the two of you, such as the anniversary of them signing up, and attach a small exclusive offer to take advantage of. 

But if you require customers to make accounts with your website, you have quite a few more details you can make fun and helpful use of as well. On a customer’s birthday, for example, you can send a birthday offer their way. You can also use their shopping history to suggest similar and/or complementary products they might find useful. 

Include Free Samples in Packaging

Whenever you send a product out to a paying customer, give them a little more bang for their buck than they were expecting. Include a small, free sample of something to enjoy that they can also post about on social media. Maybe a pin or iron-on badge? Maybe a tasty treat that travels well? Or maybe a voucher for an experience that’s related to your company? If you send out baked goods through the post, for example, a voucher for a cake decorating class could go down a storm! 

Customers love knowing they’re getting a bargain, and when they don’t even have to move from the comfort of their armchair for a freebie, they’re going to love working with your business even more. After all, you’re giving them something very few other companies make an effort to. That stands out in their mind, and they might even end up ordering a few more products just to see what else they might get! 

And not only does this go the extra mile for your customer, but it’s also a great way for you to do a bit of market research. Free samples are one of the best ways to conduct physical marketing. The more posts about a free sample you find online using the very hashtags you came up with, the more you can be sure that that product is a winning idea! 

Make Your Social Media More ‘Fun’

Improving the way your website works is one thing, but your social media presence is a whole different ball game! It’s where a lot of your marketing efforts will already be, but to ensure your resources aren’t wasted here, you need to do something eye-catching. The best way to manage this is to simply make your posts a lot more fun to interact with! 

For example, people love to scroll through content that asks for their opinion. If you can put out a simple poll they can click to answer with, you eliminate the need for them to open up the comment section and type out a lengthy answer no one has time for. But if you allow them to both vote for something AND leave a comment if they so wish, you create the space for a community to naturally flow out of. It’s a simple difference, but it works! 

At the same time, people love watching videos compared to having to pause and read through a long paragraph of text. It’s why a Video Content Strategy is so popular amongst both small and big brands these days - adding images is one thing, but a moving image is much more powerful. It’s an easy way to get a narrative across, and it can really help you to pique someone’s interest enough to click through to your main page altogether. 

Be Personable in ALL Interactions

The more open and friendly you are towards customers, the more you’ll be able to sell towards them - simple as! So ensure you’re personable no matter the situation you or your employees are in. Of course, it can be hard to stay friendly when a customer is ranting and raving at you, but it will always turn out well for your company’s image in the end. Other customers will see someone making a fool of themselves, but that person won’t be anyone wearing your logo. 

Even when you’ve just got a website up and running, and you use online chat services to allow customers to come to you, you can be personable. Instead of rushing through an interaction, take the time to act more like a friend towards the person on the other end. If they want to share a story or ask an off topic question, engage with that. It’ll get them coming back for more next time, and it’ll ensure they leave a very good review for your company on the other side of the problem. 

So above all, be friendly, be funny if you can, and try to focus on quality instead of quantity. Have more employees manning the stations if need be, but make sure customers feel like you’re being appreciative of their needs. A manager or employee who is cold and off putting, and only acts like they want an interaction to end, is not going to win you any goodwill amongst your customer base. 

Have a Plan for Potential Inconveniences

Following on from the above point, it’s also a good idea to plan ahead and have an idea ready to go whenever a customer is inconvenienced for any reason. Something that isn’t your fault can be a situation you just throw out of the window, and the bigger a company is the more likely they are to do just that, but you can set the tone for difference here. 

For example, if a customer has to wait on hold for over an hour, you might want to offer them a small discount off of their next purchase. It’s something delivery companies have been doing for decades now, especially when it comes to fast food and local takeaways. Pizza houses are especially known for this; if the delivery takes longer than an hour to get to your door, a part of or even the whole order becomes free for the customer. 

It’s a way to ensure the customer leaves the interaction with some good faith in your business, but it’s also a good way to encourage a little more diligence amongst your own workplace. And we don’t mean you need to take anything out of an employee’s wages here, not at all! Simply that if you’re constantly having to fork out for an inconvenience, it’s clear a certain system isn’t working as intended. You might have to rework a policy or two for more success in the future. 

The One Thing to Keep in Mind: 

Going the extra mile for a customer not only ensures they think of your business in a positive light, but it also hosts a whole range of benefits for you too. The more you can do for someone who pays for one of your products, the more you end up investing in yourself, and on and on this chain goes. 

Overall, the fact that you want to go the extra mile in the first place is a good indicator of the type of leader you are. It shows you care about your customer base, and have a vested interest in the market. Retain this passion for better success in your future endeavours! 

Want To Go The Extra Mile For Your Customers? Here Are Some Ways You Might Want to Consider

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