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How to Teach Employees Better Cybersecurity Habits

By Business Desk

Saturday, April 15, 2023. 

 While there is a specialized IT service out there for nearly every business, including accounting IT services, one thing is for certain regardless of an IT team; employees need to know their way around cybersecurity. Specifically, they need to know how to keep their data safe their devices safe while at the same time protecting the company data. 

This is a duty every employee has because if they don’t, this can cause irreparable damage to the business. Needless to say, nobody wants that. So, every business should discuss with their teammates how to improve their security habits. Here are some things you might want to look into!

Start By Creating a Cybersecurity Policy

If you want to ensure that everything is taken seriously regarding cybersecurity, you will need to enforce a policy.  Creating and teaching employees better cybersecurity habits is essential to any business’s security strategy. A strong security policy effectively protects company data and systems from threats, such as ransomware, which can disrupt normal business operations and lead to legal liability. 

Employees should be aware of how to keep their devices secure by using strong passwords, changing them frequently, and only allowing access to trusted sources.  Will there need to be an update to this policy? Absolutely, from time to time, there need to be updates as technology is constantly changing, and hackers keep finding new ways to breach security. 

Regularly Train Your Employees

As mentioned above, technology is changing, and hackers are trying to do what they can to commit security breaches. Keeping employees informed about the cybersecurity risks they face is key to protecting the organization. The most effective training is a program that meets employees where they are. 

Continuous training will encourage employees to use their knowledge in real-world scenarios, helping them to develop a sense of shared responsibility for the organization's security. Cybersecurity awareness training also needs to include topics like password security, malware and ransomware, and social engineering. These are common threats to organizations and can be manipulated by attackers to access sensitive information or devices.

Discuss Policies and Solutions After a Breach

Unfortunately, breaches happen. You can do whatever you can to keep your company safe, but sometimes hackers will stay one step ahead. Digital mishaps happen; it’s annoying, but what matters is moving on and strategizing.  So, in the wake of a data breach, it’s important to remind employees of your company’s policy. Emails can work, but it’s best to have a face-to-face meeting with employees to have this discussion. 

Aside from reminding employees about the policy, encouraging them to speak up about any violations they see is also a good idea. This will help to ensure that the right people are notified, and it can also serve as an opportunity for employees to learn more about your company’s security practices.

Punish Those That Aren’t Following the Policy

It’s not just about reminding employees; they need to take this seriously, as the company, employees, and customers could very well be at risk. There needs to be a system to reinforce policies and punish those who jeopardize the company. This can include formal warnings and disciplinary actions. Depending on the severity of the violation, these can range from a first warning letter to suspension or termination.

How to Teach Employees Better Cybersecurity Habits

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