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A Photo Essay


By Jerry Riley


Photographer Jerry Riley turned his camera towards the East African region to record his own personal experience there.


His images reveal a vibrant, resourceful place that defies the Western media coverage it often receives.


Landscapes and the people that occupy them, paradise islands and people at work living their everyday lives with dignity and industry. It is a testament to the beauty, the vigour and the breathtaking splendour of ordinary lives brimming with generosity and hope.


It is also an homage to the magnificence of the East African landscape and its inhabitants. It is a story about African life, African love and African creativity. It is a story about the photographer’s romance with East Africa and its people.


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To market
In the early morning rain this man cycles from Njoro to the markets in Nakura (25 km.) He is one of many at this time of day


0946 web


I was on my way back to Eldoret from the Rift Valley when I came across these young men waiting for a bus.


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Maasai herders
Cattle trading in the Rift Valley


1503 web


A Maasai girl - Rift Valley


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Men on Matatu
Always room for one more.


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Girls in Njoro


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Young Maasai men and attendant.
We had a flat tyre near Lake Magadi (salt lake). This was the last outpost and the tyre repair was an excuse to linger.


0841 web

Sammy became my driving companion soon after arriving in Nairobi. We drove not only all over Nairobi, but through the countryside exploring places that even Sammy haven't seen. 


 0090 web

Building a new house, Njoro


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Nyamachoma trio
This is evening at a butchery - a typical rural Kenyan eatery where meat is the specialty, particularly roasted/grilled goat. The award-winning Kenyan writer, Binyavanga Wainaina, is in conversation with two friends.


0095 web

At the club.
Writers Binyavanga Wainaina (r) and Billy Kahora go to this quiet place to escape the frenetic pace of Nairobi, spending days writing and talking. Binyavanga publishes Kwani, a literary magazine.



The images are copyright of Jerry Riley and Jerryriley.com


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