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Femi Osokoya on the Potential of the Human Spirit



By Belinda Otas



The ‘Black Box’ known to most of us as the flight recorder on an aeroplane, which records every action and tells us what went wrong in the event of an unforeseen disaster.


But do you know that your life has its own ‘Black Box,’ recording your thoughts, decisions and actions?


The ‘Black Box,’ is the brainchild of Femi Osokoya; doctor, author, poet, motivational speaker, artist and impersonator. He is on a tireless quest to explore the limitless potential of the human spirit and show the world what a man can do with an unwavering passion and belief in himself.


He has performed his inspirational brand of the spoken word titled ‘Silent Muzic’ in London, New York, Boston, Australia and extensively across South Africa. Currently working on a 12-part online radio show for which, the ‘Black Box’ is the first to be released; Femi’s desire is to “Infect any negative atmosphere that I encounter with words of inspiration, encouragement and hope.”


Imagine you had the opportunity to cheat on life for a day and could go into the future, and see for yourself the possibilities life has on offer if only you would maximise your abilities in the now moment of life.


Take it a step further and envision you can record the opportunities you saw in your future and post it back to yourself in time. Then press the play button and see the wealth of talents and abilities that you put to waste each day because you failed to realise the power of today and envisage the possibilities of tomorrow.


Femi’s passion for the black box was fuelled by his anger at people’s inability to pursue their hopes and dreams because of today’s fast pace way of life. He also believes a lot of the tools and resources aimed at helping people become better achievers are sometimes impractical to use; simply because they have not got the time to maximise them.


His pursuit for a solution to this dilemma gave birth to the ‘Black Box’ and other shows in the forth coming series. It is a “Power packed 5 minute show that will light a fire in the listeners belly and give them rocket fuel to help them reach for the stars” explains Femi.


The black box is based on the idea that, the truth never is constant and never changes. Hence the wisdom you need for tomorrow is not new and is a summary of that wisdom sent to you from your tomorrow. 


Armed with the belief that nothing dies quicker than a fresh idea in a closed mind and the atmosphere you permit will determine the outcome of your life and efforts. It is a message with nuggets of hope and hits at the potential every individual carries. With words like, “Never short-change yourself, and never keep your best inside you because if you do, it will die the wealth of saying non-existent thing,” its time you stop saying ‘No I can’t’ and start singing ‘Yes I can.’


If today was your last day on earth and tomorrow was your funeral, what would your black box have recorded and what will people say about you. The black box, tick tock, what is yours recording?


For more information about Femi Osokoya's motivational speech please visit http://the-inspiration-factory.com/


Belinda Otas is a London-based freelance journalist.


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Tick Tock: What’s Your Black Box Recording?

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