The 5 Factor Workout

January 13, 2024
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By Nutrition Expert
Wednesday, May 7, 2008.
Harley is a fitness expert that has helped to tone and sculpt some of Hollywood’s most beautiful stars including Alicia Keys, Halle Berry and Eva Mendes. He maintains a very sensible attitude towards weight loss and exercise, that’s why his regime is so successful. That is why we have brought this plan to you so that you can enjoy expert diet and fitness advice without having to hire a personal trainer.
It’s impossible to deny the benefits exercise has on your weight and health. Combining a balanced diet with regular exercise will help you to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the likelihood of developing conditions such as Heart Disease and Diabetes. And don’t forget how important physical activity is for your emotional wellbeing, endorphins released by the brain act like feel good chemicals improving your mood!
Yes certainly we’ve all been warned to stay active, but unfortunately many weight loss gurus fail to divulge much guidance on the intensity, duration and types of exercise we should carry out.
Well with the online 5 Factor fitness plan Harley Pasternak outlines exactly what types of exercises you need to do to get a great body workout. He also advises that rather than spending large chunks of your day doing low intensity exercise you should work harder but for shorter periods of time.
Harley breaks exercise sessions into 5 minute groups meaning if you’re short of time you can do two sets of 5 minute work outs and leave the other 3 until later in the day. Keeping exercise sessions short reduces the likelihood of getting bored and being tempted to swap your hand weights for a remote control.
The 5 minute workouts couldn’t be easier to follow and yet they’re so effective that you’ll see significant results within weeks of joining. Harley breaks the exercise sessions up so that you ease yourself in and work up to a more intense workout.
Phase 1: Initially you have a gentle cardio workout, this warms up the muscles and gets the blood flowing to the organs. If your heart rate does not speed up after a few minutes you need to increase the intensity of the warm up.
Phase 2 and 3: Next you carry out 5 minutes each of upper and lower body exercise. These might be as simple as hamstring curls and bicep curls, it’s best to vary the types that you do-Harley has plenty of interesting suggestions for you to try out.
Phase 4: Core training targets all 4 muscle groups that make up your core. You’ll do abdominal exercises each day, but they will be 5 different ones over the course of the week. Phase 4 of the workout will vary from day to day. On day 1 you may do ball crunches whereas day 2 will be seated side beans with weighs in your hand.
Phase 5: Finally you do five minutes of intense cardio work.
It’s all so simple, as the exact exercises you need to do are described on the Tesco Diets website. This exercise plan will continue to help you reap results no matter how long you decide to keep it up for. For many of Harley’s clients the 5 Factor Fitness plan has become their permanent fitness routine.
What about days when you want to relax or maybe you’re just too busy to workout?
The online 5 Factor fitness plan actually recommends you take 2 days break from the workout per week so sit back, relax and think about how much progress you are making.
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