Poetry By E.E Sule

January 13, 2024
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By E. E. Sule
Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
Chaos and clairvoyance
Supposed we are all blind
Lured by cataract melodies
Supposed we pick our steps
In rhythm with the forestick
Supposed we linger along
Spicy sun, minty moon
Supposed we are suddenly crippled
But legs fail to spring from heads
Supposed we are static
Red minus amber minus green
Supposed chaos lengthens into clairvoyance.
cohabitation is mental, dis(re)memory, menial. beneath h(i)eaps of robust brainwork.
first: rental fleshes, illegal feelings, extra-judicial surrenders, carefree immersions
second: into the legitimacy of emotion all will flow. cohabitation is spice of life. it is!
and the fleshes         ahead of souls shall be united.
they shall redeem heart    and reason and age.
they shall lisp like in-            fants, lap like rolling river.
eagerly outraged sel-            ves, liminal enunciation. light!
and shall flow in shif-           ty rhythms, cerebral nothings.
not seeds, nor seed-            lings. not carapaced moans.
subtle, sublime com-   m-   union. cohabitation is spice of life!
            just a poem written on honeycomb.
If you
If you’re tickled – you’re discerning
And feel the tender hands of the moon
Seeking your hip bones…
If you feel cuddled in the luminous arms of the sun
Hide-seeking through the tapestry of the clouds
If you see silence beckoning…
If your steps feel confident like the stare of the rock
And African hills will embrace each syllable of your laughter
If echoes lust after your voice…
If naming and narration are basics of your brain
And your tongue is brave to behead ideologies
If you see questions longing for embrace…
If you smell the wasted blood of the world
Or the stench of butchered, rotten nations…
If you detect the poisoned arrows
In each word, each phrase, the entire mouthed language
If you hit your epiphany, clear and clairvoyant,
That you’re but your destroyer…
©E. E. SULE 2010
E.E Sule is an academic and writer. His work include The Agatu Culture: Songs and Dances (2002, a study of oral poetry); Impotent Heavens (2004, a collection of short stories); Knifing Tongues (2005, a volume of poetry); The Writings of Zaynab Alkali (2005, a critical work, co-authored with Umelo Ojinmah); Naked Sun (2006, a volume of poetry); and Dream and Shame (2006, a collection of short stories). He is awaiting the publication of a new novel..

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