Black British Dating at Some of the Best African Restaurants in London

January 13, 2024
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Friday, March 7, 2014.

Longing for a taste of Africa, or perhaps you’re
making your first forays into black dating? Take our advice and woo your date by taking
them for some food from one of the most vast and diverse continents in the
world. We’ve searched the city of London high and low for some of the best
restaurants for African cuisine.


Asmara 386
Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8LF

This Brixton
restaurant is loved for its home style cuisine and its basket weave tables.
With plenty of vegetarian options on the menu, this will delight any veggie
dates. Dishes are serves on top of sour flavoured pancakes known as Injera. An
after dinner coffee is a must, but be prepared to be woken up by the freshly
ground and extremely strong coffee beans!


805 Bar
Restaurant 805 Old Kent Road, London SE15 1NX

805 is a
well-known Nigerian eatery that won’t disappoint. Arty wall hangings and
mirrors complete the look of this restaurant which is frequented by Nigerian
families who love its classic home cooked dishes. Grilled fish and plantain
(Monika) is 805’s signature dish, but you can also try the spiced cowfoot
(Nkwobi) or the Beermate (spiced beef).


The Gold
Coast Bar and Restaurant 224 Portland Road, London SE25 4QB

For a
Ghanaian gastro pub with a difference, the Gold Coast in South Norwood is a
great choice. With two floors and a beer garden to unwind in, this is a place
overflowing with charisma. Featuring a menu of spiced and chargrilled dishes as
well as rice dishes, there’s something here for everyone.


139-143 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RS

Kustaletta (lamb cutlets) to fried fillets of tilapia fish, Mandola may well
have what you’re looking for. The desserts here are a must – try the Baglowa –
filo pastry with peanuts, spices and a dash of lime, or their mousse with
sundried dates.


Ethiopian Restaurant, 137 Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HR
With low tables and seating designed to facilitate eating with one’s hands,
this authentic Ethiopian eatery is a slice of Ethiopia close to Tufnell Park. A
blend of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes are served here by the friendly, laid
back staff.

Black British Dating at Some of the Best African Restaurants in London

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