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Five Lucrative Business Ideas in Business and Agriculture

By Business Desk

Tuesday, November 10, 2015.

Earlier this year, we wrote a popular article about starting a business in farming. We told you that there had never been a better time to move into the agriculture business. And we stand by that piece of advice. The industry is the single biggest market in the world, and new opportunities are opening up every day. The market is also expanding in agriculture. Consumers are actively seeking out higher quality (and higher priced) produce. You can take advantage of that new trend, and make a small fortune. Here are some great ways to get involved in the farming market.

1. Fruit juice and jam

It’s impossible to ignore the overwhelming demand for healthy food and fresh ingredients these days. High quality fruit juice and fruit products are a big part of this consumer trend. Customers are willing to pay well over the odds for expensive smoothies, and unique fruit juices. In fact, most customer hunt out ‘not from concentrate’ juices as standard. That means you can charge a premium for the products, and keep customers happy. Ride the wave while you can!

2. Nut and seed processing

This healthy food craze has also opened up the popularity of nuts and seeds. If you’re not sure where to start, simply look for any product that is classed as a ‘super food’. Health magazines are obsessed with these products, and you can take advantage. At the moment, cashew nuts are very popular with customers. Almonds are also featured in every health magazine of the last five years! As for seeds, there’s a huge new market for chia seeds. It’s difficult to predict how long these trends will last for, but for now, jump on board!

3. Components and mechanics

There is more to farming and agriculture than the growing of produce. There is an entire industry going on behind the scenes. A big part of that is the machinery, vehicles, and mechanics that power our farms. You can follow the lead of CCTY Bearing, and start a component supply business. Providing essential materials is a lucrative way to ensure long-term business. After all, farmers are always going to need to maintain their vehicles and equipment.

4. Vegetables

The vegetable market is an old and extensive market. But, we’re including it on this list for one simple reason. The average profit margin for a vegetable farm is 500%. The retail cost of vegetables is far higher than the cost to produce. This profit margin is lightyears ahead of the struggling dairy industry, and even meat production.

5. Florist

This is one aspect of agriculture that you may not instinctively think about. But, if you’ve ever bought a bouquet of flowers, you know that the pricetag is often very high. There is a lot of money in flowers, and there’s always room for another great startup. All it takes is space to grow them, and a good eye for arranging.

That’s all for now folks! We hope this sparks some creative ideas for you. Good luck with your new venture.

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