How to Start a Catamaran Charter Business

January 13, 2024
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How to Start a Catamaran Charter Business

By Business Desk

Sunday, January 31, 2016.

There are thousands of different business ideas that you could turn into profitable enterprises. From technology to construction, it’s possible to make money in any industry. And that’s despite the woes of the economy.

If you prefer to spend your time out at sea rather than on land, here’s one idea. You could start a catamaran charter business! As you may know, catamarans get used for high-speed ferry services. They can also be useful for charter tours of exotic and scenic areas. Here’s how to get started:

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Create a business plan

Before you spend money on anything, you need to sit down and draw up a compelling business plan! Doing so will ensure that you achieve the right goals as your enterprise grows. It will also help you in securing finance to buy or lease catamarans for your business.

If you’ve never written a business plan before, don’t fret. Most entrepreneurs have no experience of them either! I recommend taking a look at some examples online to see how they get structured. That way, you won’t miss any important sections.

Think of your business plan as your company’s resume. It needs to impress people enough to talk to you more about your business.

Find out what permits you need

Depending on where you live, you will need to secure a series of permits that allow you to operate a charter. The best thing to do is talk to your local government authority. They will advise you which permits you need and how to apply for them.

It’s also worth asking questions on sailing and boating forums online. That’s because there will be many maritime business owners on there that can help.

Get a catamaran

You can’t start a charter catamaran business without such a vessel at your disposal! There are two ways to get hold of one. First, you can buy one. Second, you can lease a catamaran.

If possible, I recommend opting for the first choice. Buying a catamaran means you have full control over its management. You are also free to adapt it to your specific needs.

A brand new one will no doubt be outside the scope of your budget. It makes sense to look at 2nd hand fast catamaran ships for sale. The Web makes it easy to find suitable vessels for sale.

Decide where you wish to operate

Once you’ve secured a catamaran for your business, you’ll need to think what to offer people. It’s advisable to look at destinations near to you and consider the ones people want to visit the most.

Make sure your catamaran is safe

Before you take her out on the open water, you need to do comprehensive safety checks of your catamaran. Be sure that you’ve got plenty of safety gear such as lifeboats and safety vests for passengers and crew.

And ensure that all your staff receive the right safety training in case of emergencies. By following the above steps, you’ll soon have a profitable charter business!

Good luck!


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