Black Britain and Migrant Communities Want Britain to Remain in the EU

January 13, 2024
2 mins read

Black Britain and Migrant Communities Want Britain
to Remain in the EU

By Shola Adenekan

Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Over 80% of Britain’s migrant communities have
declared they want a “Remain” in the EU Referendum taking place tomorrow – and
would vote to Remain, if they could.

Lebara Mobile, a leading brand for
the world’s migrant community, conducted a super-poll among its UK
customer base – most of whom are
immigrants working in Britain – encouraging them
to speak up and take an active part in the EU referendum debate.

The text poll went to 750,000
Lebara customers in the UK, as part of Lebara’s ‘The
Other Referendum’ campaign designed to stand up for migrants in Britain,
following concerns that EU referendum has made Britain seem xenophobic.

detailed results of the question – where Lebara customers were encouraged to
“text IN or OUT to 38885” – revealed that support for the Remain campaign is
hugely strong among most migrant communities including those from Africa and
the Caribbean.

By contrast, sentiment was more balanced among
other migrant communities, with some communities that originated from India and
Ireland showing a desire to leave the EU:

Ratheesan Yoganathan, Chairman
& CEO of Lebara Mobile, said:

are hardworking people and they deserve a voice. But sadly, throughout this
referendum, they have been abused as a political punching bag. This has damaged
Britain’s reputation on the world stage. It has made Britain seem more

wants to stand up for hardworking migrants in Britain and to change the tone of
the debate. By helping migrants to speak up, we can have a real impact on this referendum.”

Black Britain and Migrant Communities Want Britain to Remain in the EU

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