Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry? Here’s How You Can!

January 13, 2024
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Want To Break Into The Fashion Industry? Here’s How You Can!

By Business Desk

Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

Fashion is a lucrative business. We all know that style sells – and so many people these days spend a significant proportion of their hard earned money on the clothes they wear. For many, fashion is more than just the clothes on our backs – it is how we express ourselves and build our own identity. This is why so many people within the industry feel so strongly about the newest garments on the market. The fashion industry moves quickly and trends change every season, so if you’re in the business, it’s vital that you are on top of your game. But breaking into this exclusive world can often be harder than you think. You might be the most stylish person on the planet, with impeccable taste. But if you don’t have the credentials to back all that up with, you won’t get anywhere. If you want a credible career in the fashion industry, here are some ways to get your foot in the door.

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Start designing your own products
Fancy yourself as the next Fubu, Oswald Boateng, Coco Chanel or Alexander McQueen? There’s no better way to start to make an impression on the fashion world than to start designing your own range. In order to do this, you will need to learn a number of skills such as cutting, sewing and stitching – so it’s not something that is going to happen overnight. Making a wearable garment is harder than it looks, and it will take a few goes before you have made something suitable. But get the practice in early and before you know it you could have an entire collection on your hands. At first, hand them out for free to friends or send to influential people in the industry as a gift – after all, you never know where it could get you!

Get educated
Fashion isn’t only about creating pretty clothes. It is a business model, and in order to succeed, you’ll need to be business-savvy. If you can, find out if you should do a fashion relevant degree at withmydegree.org. You might not think academic success is required for a career in the industry, but you’d be surprised at what doors it can open for you. Learn about the history of fashion, delving into centuries gone by. This might seem a little unnecessary, but fashion is an ever-evolving creature, and sometimes looking at past trends can help educate us about future ones.

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Start a blog
Do you absolutely adore fashion but don’t have the time to spend making your own clothes? Maybe you are currently working full-time or perhaps you are a single parent who’s always busy looking after the children. Fashion blogging can be a great way to learn about the industry and gain experience. Start off by creating a site for free and have fun playing around with ideas. Connect with other bloggers and remember to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to new trends and designers on the scene. You might also be able to make money out of your blog eventually, so stick at it – it could eventually pay off.

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