In The Calm Of Your Hand: Business Stress Busters

January 13, 2024
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In The Calm Of Your Hand: Business Stress Busters

By Business Desk

Friday, March 10, 2017.

Stress. It’s the word we all think about when starting a company. And we hate it. Too little stress and you don’t invest your energies in the company. Too much stress and it’s detrimental to your health. So where does the balance lie? There are many tactics business leaders use, and there are many that you probably use yourself. But which ones are good for you, and which are good for the business?

Prioritizing Your Workload

A common misconception in setting up any kind of business, we find ourselves prioritizing something that bears no relevance to our vision of the business. Feeling overwhelmed is simply not being able to find your priorities and focusing on them during your day. “Should” is a very dangerous word, and if you have many to-do lists piling up with things that haven’t been done, all you need to do is one simple thing, burn the list. They clearly aren’t that important if you haven’t got round to them yet, and so they don’t need to waste precious memory space in your mind. Having so many tasks chipping away at you in the back of your mind can be the straw to break the camel’s back, so don’t give time to things that don’t matter. Prioritize your workload and keep it that way.

Help Is Around The Corner

Many people think that starting a company is a solitary pursuit, and that’s the way it should be, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is, there is always help in the unlikeliest of places. From online help when choosing a limited company formation via specialized companies that can help you to build a business in those difficult early stages when you don’t really know what needs to be done, to support networks on sites like LinkedIn or you can always speak to someone who has been in the same position as you. Networking events are common now, and you should use them to get an angle on what you could do differently, and to size up the competition. In the form of financial support or moral support, there is always something at your disposal. 

Reduce Decision Fatigue

Barack Obama wore the same type of clothes every day during his presidency. Why? Because it reduced his need to worry about what to wear to the next summit or meeting. It’s an approach many business leaders have adopted too. However, if you care about how you look and need to change your wardrobe every day, then plan your clothes the night before. That way when you wake up, you can put on your outfit and get to work with a clearer mind and focus on the things that actually matter. Decision fatigue is a lot more common now in the age of social media, and the amount of choice we have in society can cause a more subliminal kind of burnout. You need to make important decisions in how you progress the company, so why waste precious thoughts on trivial matters?

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