Don’t Kill Your Chances of Career Progression by Making These Mistakes

January 13, 2024
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Don’t Kill Your Chances of Career Progression by Making These Mistakes

By Careers Desk

Sunday, April 16, 2017.

Is your career worrying you? Want to see progression but not sure how to make it happen? Well, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you don’t make any of the mistakes that will instantly kill your chances of getting ahead and advancing your career in a sustainable way. You need to make sure you don’t fall into these traps and make these mistakes, so read on now to learn more about them.

Sitting Back and Waiting for Things to Happen

If you just sit back and wait for things to happen for you in your career, you will probably not get to where you want to be. You need to grab the bull by the horns and make sure that you decide your own future by taking control. Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen for you. You need to be the master of your own destiny if your career is going to pan out the way you want it to. The people who sit back and don’t push forward with their career progression are the people who get nowhere.

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Getting in Trouble with the Law

Committing a crime can obviously have a big impact on many aspects of your life. And one of the things that can be damaged is your career. Some jobs require you to have a clean criminal record, and you can get held back in your career if get convicted of a crime. I’m sure you don’t want that to happen. You need to be particularly careful if your career demands you drive as part of the job. For example, you’ll need a good DWI attorney to get you out of trouble. Otherwise, your driving job could be over pretty quickly.

Being Anonymous and Forgettable

If you’re the kind of person that often fades into the background and doesn’t stand out from the crowd, you will have problems. Being anonymous and forgettable can hold you back because it’s the people who stand out that tend to get most of the attention. You might not like that fact, but that’s the way it is and you just need to accept that. You can then change your attitude at work to suit this situation. By making sure that you take credit for your work and let everyone know that you are ready to advance and take a promotion, it will happen faster.

Becoming Too Comfortable and Satisfied

Finally, you need to be cautious of getting too comfortable and satisfied with your current position. When you accept where you’re currently at, you will only make life more difficult for yourself. Your attitude will be more laid back, and you will lose some of the drive that is needed to improve yourself and advance in your chosen career. So, always set your eyes on the next level and the next step up that you want to take. If you can do that, you will go much further and become better at what you do.

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