4 Health Concerns Secretly Ruining The College Experience For Too Many Students

January 13, 2024
4 mins read

4 Health Concerns Secretly Ruining The College Experience For Too Many StudentsBy Features DeskSunday, July 30, 2017.College is meant to be the best time of your life, your chance to leap into the deep end of freedom and carve out a better future for yourself, which it is. It absolutely is. But for all this blithesomeness, adventure and independence, the college experience are tainted by a few health problems that every student needs to be aware of.The cocktail of midterms, final exams and the chance to explore the world for yourself is one that encourages students to make poor health choices. On the less serious end of the scale, there are things late night drinking, learning your limits, eating greasy pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all of which get egged on by the pressures of college. However, it is the more serious health concerns that really need extra attention. The irony is that these tend to be less noticeable concerns.Image sourceHowever, like everything, it isn’t until we are able to accept these issues are out there and better understand them that we can deal with them.Anxiety IssuesThe pressure of college is almost unbearable for many. Too many. The college experience is one that should be enjoyed but, thanks in part to the immensely high costs of further education, the pressure heaped onto students is huge. They pin all their hopes and dreams of a good career and a good life on their grades. That makes every new test more stressful than the last and that build up of stress is a massive catalyst for anxiety. Unfortunately, even with the stigma subsiding somewhat, people are still reluctant to talk, although there are more and more known stress busters out there. The inability to discuss this topic is where the big problem is because anxiety can be crippling and impossible to overcome, as the 65% of those who withdrew from college as a result of their anxiety will attest. If you do start to feel yourself becoming anxious, please do try and talk. Please.Sexual HealthAnyone who has been to college will have a thousand stories about how eye-opening it was. We’ve touched on some of the freedoms gifted to you, such as late-night drinking and not knowing your limits and the poor health choices you can make. What we didn’t specify was the link between them. Concerns over sexual health with college students are on the rise, and a big part of that is because of the effect alcohol has on the brain. Being responsible is so important. Drinking responsibly and acting responsibly. Of course, the other issue is being too embarrassed to seek help or talk should you fear an infection, which is where seeking treatment online can be a huge help for so many students. The spread of infections and the growth of this problem is a perennial concern and one that deserves your respect. College can feel like a wonderland whereby you feel invincible, which it can be; you just have to remember to make smart choices.Image sourcePrescription DrugsThere has been an unprecedented surge in ‘study drugs’ over recent years, especially Adderall, which is traditionally used by physicians to treat those with severe cases of ADHD. The reason for this surge has a lot to do with the pressures of exam periods. What this drug allows gives its user is wakefulness. It allows them to stay awake and concentrate for longer, which is beneficial for revision periods and coursework deadlines. That is just one side of the problem. The other big issue is the effect it has on the brain, in which Adderall releases dopamine, a chemical that makes people feel happy. This is what makes it so addictive and that is what makes it such a concern. Emergency room visits shot up by over 150% as a direct result of the misuse of Adderall. That is a shocking statistic and one that has been reached in vain because any effect they have on boosting productivity is a placebo.Sleep DeprivationOne of the biggest factors in good health is regular sleep, which isn’t exactly synonymous with college. All-nighters are just a regular thing, whether it is going out, revision for midterms or trying to get coursework done in time for the deadline. In fact, just 6% of students surveyed got what was considered quality sleep. This can lead to substantially worse health concerns, such as worsening anxiety, weight loss, eating disorders and depression. It may seem like the right thing to do in order to be as efficient with time as possible, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. A lack of sleep affects the brain and that will constitute toward much lower levels of output marred by much-increased susceptibility to stress.

4 Health Concerns Secretly Ruining The College Experience For Too Many Students

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