The Best Jobs To Have That Build Skills For Your Dream Job

January 13, 2024
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The Best Jobs To Have That Build Skills For Your Dream Job

By Careers Desk

Thursday, August 17, 2017.

It’s practically undisputed that we use certain jobs as stepping stones. When you’re looking for an opening in your dream career path, we have to take other jobs to make money and keep us going towards our goals. However, some jobs are much better than others when it comes to widening your prospects. If you’re looking for your first job, or have just got out of uni and are looking for something to tide you over until you find what it is you worked so hard for, below are a few of the best jobs that can build up experience in skills necessary for your ultimate career.


Manual Labour

You don’t typically hear much about working in sectors involving jobs such as electrical, engineering, and plumbing. This is mostly due to the heavy element of them. Manual labour jobs may not sound glamorous, but when stuck in a financial rut, they’re often the only type of job you have on offer. If you’re looking for something different, and ‘slightly’ more challenging to traditional retail choices, there’s thousand of different labourer jobs available in the market due to construction demands. Things will always break, and buildings will always need to be built! These jobs can help your timekeeping and efficiency, your physical strength, onsite management, and overall tolerance of the workplace itself. It’s no secret that manual labour is taxing and often back breaking, but it’s for these exact reasons that labour jobs will get you ready for anything.

Customer Service

That job you have in fast food may be frowned upon now, but they’re some of the best stable and skill building jobs out there. People are always going to want food, and the convenience of fast food chain stores will keep them coming. When working in customer service your listening and negotiating skills skyrocket with experiences in taking orders, scanning items through tills, and dealing with difficult customers. This is a perfect job to hone your social skills, and is great practice for outgoing and friendly people to polish off their natural abilities.


For research students especially, becoming something like a graduate teaching assistant is a fantastic starter in a dream career path. You’re guaranteed to never be out of work due to the amount of students depending on your assistance in a class, which can be perfect for your resume and a challenge at the same time. It can also better acquaint you with what is expected of you in a long-term education role, and show you what you’d be in for as a teacher or part of the governing board in schools. It’s also a good side role for presentation skills and

Getting a job in these fields will ultimately depend on the kind of person you are. However, for cash in the hardest times, we often just go for the jobs we can get. However, giving yourself some time to give it a little more thought can help you out immensely in the long run.

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