Better Business: Improving Your Company’s First Impressions

January 13, 2024
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Better Business: Improving Your Company’s First Impressions

By Business Desk

Sunday, September 24, 2017.

There is a golden rule that transcends business and that is the importance of first impressions. According to science, people make a judgement within five to nine seconds of seeing a place or meeting a person, which could be the difference between converting a prospect and losing out on business. Of course, you probably knew this already from when you were preparing for your first interview. It is one of the first things people, articles, blogs and mentors will explain.

But now that you are an entrepreneur, how do you go about improving the first impression of your business as an entity?

Well, to help you out a little bit, we have pulled together a few ideas that will improve your first impressions holistically. So, without further ado, here are the four ways you can have a positive effect on your customers and clients before they even have a chance to speak to you.

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Boost Your Office Curb Appeal

Everyone knows that where your business address is located can have a huge effect on how people perceive you – successful, prestigious, trustworthy and established. However, moving to a more illustrious part of town isn’t always an option, but improving the curb appeal of your office is. That means adding signage that is smart and easy to see from a long way off. It means having a car park that is kept in an orderly fashion. It is having a well-maintained entrance, which means regularly mowed lawns, a new lick of paint, tidy path and an entrance that dazzles. All of these will set the tone when someone walks toward your place of business.

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Appearance Of Your Staff

The way your staff present themselves is truly important because these people are on the front line of your operation; they are your most animated and most important ambassadors. So, if you run a business that offers a professional service, then have your staff dress appropriately and professionally. If you run a business where customer service is an important feature, then add name badges to their uniform knowing that this subtle addition will create a more friendly connection. If you run a retail store or a barber’s or anything like that where your branding is important, then have your staff dress as representatives of that brand. If that means baggy t-shirts, rolled up jeans and sneakers, then that’s what it means. Oh, and remember, no outfit is complete without a smile.

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A Website That Represents You

Almost everyone checks out a company’s website before they visit their store in person. That means your website acts as your first impression the majority of the time, so if it is not up to scratch then you are going to be turning customers away before you even realised you had customers about to knock on the door in the first place. You want your website to be smart, representative of what your company is about, clearly explain what you do, be easy to use, celebrate engaging content whether that be through copywriting or images and, most importantly of all, be mobile-friendly. Mobiles have taken over as the number one way people browse, shop, surf and educate themselves, so make sure your website caters to this.

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