10 Reasons Why Britain Is Truly Great

January 13, 2024
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10 Reasons Why Britain Is Truly GreatBy Features DeskWednesday, November 22, 2017.If you’ve never visited Britain, then you may be surprised at just how much the Brits have to be proud of. Of course, the Queen is great, as are the rest of the royal family, and Prince Harry is a laugh, but there is so much more to this little island than just a monarchy. Britain is where some of the most famous beaches in the world call home, it’s where some of the most famous books, songs, and plays were written, and the people (well, most of them) are lovely. If you’re still not convinced, or just want to learn more, then keep reading. 1. Beautiful BeachesIf you live in The US or somewhere similar, then, depending on the city you live in, you may have to drive for hours, or even catch a plane if you want to get a glimpse of sand. Brits, on the other hand, are never more than a few hours drive from the nearest coast, meaning that they can just decide on a whim to head to the beach. They also have some of the most beautiful beaches, as shown above.2. The WeatherEveryone knows that the weather in Britain isn’t great. In fact, it can be pouring with rain one minute, and then have the sun shining in the next. However, this makes the weather a large topic of conversation in Britain, and a comical one at that. It’s made the people of Britain see the humour in situations, even if the situation has ruined their entire day. As well as this, the weather in Britain, while being bad, isn’t  as dangerous as a lot of places; Britain doesn’t have forest fires, or devastating earthquakes or hurricanes. The most that we have to deal with are floods, and when one strikes, we get on with it in a typically British fashion.3. Fewer DangersSpeaking of dangerous weather, Britain has fewer dangers in general, especially compared to countries like Australia. Where Australia has some of the most venomous spiders and snakes in the world, crocodiles, and great white sharks, Britain has ticks, adders, and cows amongst its list of most dangerous creatures. 4. The NHSIf you do happen to get injured by any of these terrifying creatures in Britain, then you are incredibly lucky to be in Britain, as you will have the NHS to take care of you free of charge. If the same were to happen in America, and you didn’t have insurance, you would be required to pay for any treatments or medication. However, it’s not just injuries that the NHS will help you out with; In Scotland, the NHS stop smoking program is free, meaning the NHS will even help you with things that don’t require immediate medical attention. 5. MusicThere is no denying the fact that some of the most famous and influential artists in the music industry come from Britain, with The Beatles being the best example. There is also the late, great David Bowie and George Michael, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Oasis, and so many more. If you’re more of a Top 40 kind of person, then don’t forget that Ed Sheeran, One Direction, The Vamps, Adele, Little Mix, and Sam Smith also all come from The UK.6. The West EndWhile we’re speaking of art and culture, it would be a crime not to mention The West End. If you asked any musical theatre performer where they would most like to perform, their answer is likely to be either Broadway or The West End. Broadway is amazing in its own right, and has a larger capacity than The West End, but, despite this, The West End gets more attendants every single year, and has had some huge stars perform there, including David Tennant and Benedict Cumberbatch. 7. Harry PotterThe biggest play currently being performed on The West End is Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, which brings us swiftly onto point number seven; Britain has Harry Potter. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, you must have heard of the famous boy wizard and his adventures at Hogwarts, even if you haven’t read the books or watched the films yourself. Not only is the wizarding world set in Britain, but the author JK Rowling is also from Britain, and wrote the books in a little coffee shop in Edinburgh. 8. Iconic LandmarksUnfortunately, Britain doesn’t have anything as large as The Great Wall Of China or The Great Pyramids in Egypt, but according to PandoTrip, we do still have somethings going for us, as Stonehenge is ranked number six on the ten most recognizable landmarks in the world. We also have Big Ben and The London Eye, and although we may not have The Eiffel Tower, we have got Blackpool Tower instead. The Houses Of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and a large number of castles are also amazing.Image9. The FoodIf you’ve ever tried to put on a “British accent”, then there are a select number of phrases that you might have used. While “shrimp on the barbie” is a go-to phrase for Australian accents, for British ones, people tend to go for “bangers and mash”, and why wouldn’t they? It tastes great. Britain also has fish and chips, the miracle that is The English Breakfast, and world famous Roast Dinners. 10. The PeopleAs amazing as all of this is, the reason that I am most proud of Britain is the people within it. Of course, Britain has it’s bad guys, like with every other place in the world, and you will encounter some rude people here, but when times are tough, the people of Britain band together, take care of one another and get by somehow. The past year has had many tragedies for Britain, but during these times the people of Britain have shown just how caring and compassionate they can be and have helped as much as they can, which is what makes this little island so great.

10 Reasons Why Britain Is Truly Great

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