How to Use Press Releases to Boost Your Google Rank

January 13, 2024
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How to Use Press Releases to Boost Your Google Rank

By Business Desk

Wednesday, December 20, 2017.

It can be hard to get ahead of the market when it comes to business, which is why it’s
important to get important announcements out into the world, particularly from
a digital perspective so that influencers can start spreading this content
through their network and your message reaches the broad audience you desire.

Of course, social media is a hugely effective and
desirable medium to broadcast your message – but unless it’s of direct
relevance and personal value to your extended network, it’s unlikely to show up
in their Facebook feed unless it’s a sponsored link… which, nowadays, can
be pretty expensive.  The main benefit is that you can use
hyper-personalised targeting to hone in on the individual demographic you are
wanting to reach, including their tastes interests – but, as already mentioned,
this will come at a significant cost.

However, have you considered the fact many
companies submit press releases for a completely different reason.  They
submit them on the basis of boosting their search engine rank and credibility
with ranking sites such as Moz.  Indeed, they often imagine not many people
will read the content of the press release – which might sound a little
disheartening, but this practice of using press releases to boost your rank
with Google is a well known practice that can be quite effective.

A strategy that if good for building your company
website’s reputation within search engine marketing (see: domain authority)
is to submit press releases that are then published on a high ranking site with
a link back to your website. When Google sends out its robots (which conjures
up an image associated with The Matrix) they will rank your website higher as
an already authoritative website is recommending your site; which infers trust
and credibility onto your website.

You can submit a press release on the internet, for
a small fee, or on certain websites for no fee whatsoever… a good example of a
press release announcement can be found here; it is about Youi Pty Limited Ratings and hosted on businesswire which is a global
platform mostly related to financial notifications; whilst the content may not
seem particularly riveting, something to bear in mind on these sites is that
real-life journalists that work for huge newspapers such as The Sunday Times,
The New York Times and even the BBC use these sites for ease and time-saving
when it comes to writing an article on a tight deadline.  This means that
there would be a chance of a high flying journalist from a national newspaper
linking your site with a particularly feature they are writing as a result of
this press release.

In summary, if you’re wanting to get
high up in the search rankings within Google, and let’s face it we all know how
important appearing on the front page is – because, in reality, how many people
scan through the next two or three pages let alone the 679th page which many
businesses that rank poorly for that particular search phrase will be on; even
though they might have relevant content and offer a great product or service.
 The point is, if you want to get up in Google you need to ‘play the game’
and to do that, you need to know what rules can be bent and which can be
broken.  It would appear that using press releases in this way to boost
your Google rank is a way to ethically bend the rules and quickly get up onto
the first page of Google.

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