Injecting Inspiration Into Your Workplace

January 13, 2024
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Injecting Inspiration Into Your Workplace

By Business Desk

Friday, August 17, 2018.

Inspirational quotes. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that the things do pretty well for themselves. There are websites dedicated to them, books full of them, and a whole card industry which thrives on them. And, while proof as to whether they work is still rather sketchy, one thing is sure; we go crazy for these things. A lot of us base our very values on inspirational quotes we’ve heard at some time or another.

Hence why those in the business world could also do with sitting up and taking note here. Once you’ve managed to find a commercial space through sites like Proplist, the chances are that you’ll turn your attention straight to decoration. Every entrepreneur knows, after all, that office appearance has significant sway on productivity. But, far from sticking with block colours, you may want to consider inspirational quotes in your design. All the better for kick-starting staff with the right mindset each day. The only question is, how can you fit these into office life?

The writing’s on the wall

If you have a quote you’re dying to share, why not go right ahead and paint it straight onto your office wall? There’s no denying that this is a bold move, and there’s no going back once you’re finished. Well, until you repaint everything, anyway. Until then, everyone who enters and works in your office space is sure to see these words. But, if a quote makes you feel happy and inspired, there’s a good chance it’ll do the same for staff who see it every day. Bear in mind that, to avoid looking cliche here, you should keep this simple. Lengthy quotes with heartfelt sentiments may not work too well. Instead, you want punchy sayings which prep your staff. Something as simple as ‘You can do it’ could look fantastic in bold writing on a blank wall. And, it’ll send constant good vibes to anyone who sees it.

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Of course, the issue with painting quotes on the wall is that you’re stuck with just one. Yet, each saying offers a different lesson. As such, you may prefer to invest in chalkboard paint, and use this on one wall of your office. That way, you can change the writing on a daily basis. You could even delegate the task of inspiring to one team member each week. This will ensure everyone’s invested in the cause, and allows for different outlooks. That could be the best way to ensure everyone finds at least a few things which inspire them along the way. And, come on; a chalkboard wall is pretty fun.

Art holds the answers

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If you really can’t stomach the idea of in-your-face inspiration, why not turn to artists who can take care of this for you? Some artists find small ways of incorporating inspirational sayings into their work. This is a subtle way of getting the same point across. And, it’s a fantastic way to decorate your walls. Who could resist?

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