The Running Theme That Should Express Your Ideal

January 13, 2024
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The Running Theme That Should Express Your Ideal

By Business Desk

Wednesday, January 31, 2019.

It’s much more complex than one might imagine but having a solid running theme throughout your business is difficult to construct. Throughout the life of many companies attitudes to the direction of travel will change. Even those that have already been established and have a worldwide reputation can change their business ideal. A company that has always made video games for PC can suddenly make a drastic change and only go for mobile gaming instead, such as the fiasco with Blizzard’s Diablo 3 business move. It’s easier to change your ideal as you are growing than once you have become a large corporation that is multinational. In this sense then you need to be always searching for what you believe are the best ways to express this. Running themes can be created to allow you some kind of basic solid structure to hold onto in the rough seas of the business world. But this running theme should consist of something that you truly believe in, the attitudes in your business might change but the overall beliefs need to stay rock solid. Here are some ways you can formulate a theme and implement it in different ways.

The core of product design

Being ‘in the lab’ is a term used by many business owners when they are setting off on the journey of creating a new product. They are designing something that is brand new, working out the things that make it unique, offer something new in terms of value to the business, and improve on any and all previous products. A lot of testing has to be done to any kind of product before a business will release it or when a governing body of standards will approve of it. That’s all just the technical side of it but what about the ideal behind the product? First of all, how can an ideal that you hold dear as the business’ primary goal, be implemented into a product? Some might say that a product is just there to be the vehicle that will lead you to that goal or ideal. Yet this is slightly obscuring the point because each product you have in your line up is a stepping stone or a representative of that ideal.

You might have an ideal that you want to make people more connected. This brings people into a more secure way of communicating and able to express ideas more easily. If you are designing a product such as a smartphone, you will then focus on the connectivity aspect. How can your new smartphone design make connecting to home thermostats better? What about smart speakers that play music but can also browse the web for information such as about the weather or checking messages? Will you focus on creating a system that uses the latest 5G internet or stick with 4G? How about designing a software exclusively for your product that will allow product users to talk with each other for free such as blackberry and Apple have done? This is an example how an ideal is translated and implemented into product design. It’s the core reason or ability of that product.

A journey of the goal

Consistency is something that fuels a very good running theme. There will be lots of changes regarding tactics of how you display this theme to your customers as there are many ways you can communicate it. However a website is one of the best tools to utilize in this endeavor. The modern standards of website design have shifted into a new realm with the way you can extrapolate your theme consistently across all the pages. You can use super high quality pictures in the background of your pages with the overlay of the links and buttons. You may also use video as the background itself which gives so much creative opportunity. If you are a clothing company you can have a video on loop in the background of the page that plays for each category of clothing such as jeans, jackets, gloves etc. The video is on a loop so the theme of what kind of clothing is being sold on particular pages can be shown and the style celebrated this way.

A sense of humor

Expressing your ideals through humor is a very effective way of getting people to not just pay attention but to interact more with your business. You’re immediately entertaining the consumer and gathering their attention so your message will sink in better. This could be done via your video advertising online and on video sharing platforms such as YouTube. Your company ethics might also be a good way to showcase your running theme to your business and or products. Showing that you can be light hearted and honest with yourself is a way to self-deprecate so consumers may accept you don’t take yourself too seriously either. Some companies that are still owed by their clients send funny valentines cards with a message to those that have wrong theme or yet to pay for their services. Being able to show that you have a sense of humor when the situation may not call for it, warms consumers to you as they see you taking the road of making light of the situation. You’re seen as approachable and you might even be able to spread on social media if you do this kind of getting even right.

A running theme is about expressing the ideals you hold near and dear but in many different ways. Attitudes to how you market the business or who to, can change over time. Many business plans change and evolve into something new but the overall ideals will stay the same. Use a website design to express quality and motives through video backgrounds that play on a loop in the different pages. Question the core of your product design and focus on the intent of the ideals you hold. If you want people to connect more, design your products to make this physically possible. If you want the world to be cleaner, make your products out of recycled materials and do something that shows your ideals in your products design.


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