How Technology is Helping Tradesmen Across the World

January 13, 2024
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How Technology is Helping Tradesmen Across the World

By Features Desk

Wednesday, April 24, 2019.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals across the world work a ‘trade’ – many of which are passed down in the family across many generations of expertise. These trades require a specific set of skills that must be learned over many years of experience – and often the labor that they involve is paid handsomely. From plumbers, electricians and tilers through to construction professionals and interior artisans, tradespeople span a wide band of occupations. This article looks at the broad picture of tradespeople, detailing how new technological developments have enabled them to perform their work more efficiently, building more custom and more profits in the process.

Online Exposure

Tradespeople regularly work alone, managing their own businesses without the help of extra people who can perform administrative duties along the way. This means that, in terms of marketing and exposure, they’ve often been reliant on repeat custom and word-of-mouth to find work. That’s all changed in the digital age: tradespeople are now able to list themselves on websites that compare trades, talents, and tariffs for consumers on easy-to-use platforms.

Not only that – tradespeople are now able to use social media and easy website creation tools to perform their own self-promotion without engaging with advertising and marketing agencies. A presence in the online space helps them connect with new customers, and communicate with old ones, which can serve to exponentially increase their client base over the months and years.

Apps and Software

Another huge development to have taken place since the advent of the digital age has been the ride of expertly made software to help tradespeople make better sense of the problems that they’re confronted with. Apps can help them judge the size and scope of the jobs they agree to perform, and to note down their expenditures and accounts with greater ease. They’re often free and simple to use.

Moreover, software can help simplify even the most complex of jobs that tradespeople have to perform. Altium’s CircuitStudio is a prime example of this – it helps electricians understand how the circuits that they’re working on correspond and fit into a working whole. The digitization of such complex jobs has cut the time that tradespeople take in planning down to the bare minimum – helping them pick up and manage more trade.

Client Management

Whether they’re using modern communications systems – enabled by 4G and smartphone connectivity – or they’re managing their payments through websites and programs that help them follow their ins and outs, technology puts tradespeople in more powerful positions when it comes to managing their clients.

Drawing up invoices automatically, scheduling work onto a digital calendar, and sending push notifications to the tradesperson’s phone, digital technology has been helping these independent business owners practice their trade with greater efficiency for years now. With organizational capabilities one of the more exciting developments in personal digital technology in recent years, this is one of the major benefits for those who don’t have the luxury of hired help to plan their busy schedules.

Technology is clearly helping individuals work more efficiently across the world – and this article goes to show how it’s helping tradespeople work better, and smarter, in 2019 and beyond.

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