10 Ways To Get Closer To Your Career Goals

January 13, 2024
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10 Ways To Get Closer To Your Career Goals

By Careers Desk

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

When you’ve created a career that you love, you’ll find that you’re incredibly ambitious and excited to take it far. Maybe you even have huge dreams of what you want to achieve. Writing a book, creating an innovative product, helping people, changing the world – no matter what it is, you may find that you’re just so excited to get started and make some waves. And when you’re going that, you’ll want to make sure that you are working in line with your goals. Because whenever there’s something you want to achieve, you absolutely have to be strategic about it. There’s no other way. Because unless you have goals, your dreams will stay dreams. When you bring them down out of your mind, and you then look to create an action plan, you’ve got a much better shot at achieving them.

However, to a lot of people, this can seem really hard to do. Because your dreams can be big and scary, and the idea of actually living those dreams can be really intimidating. You may even feel as if you’re not worthy of those dreams, that you don’t deserve to achieve them, so you keep them at arm’s length. Yet, if you really do want to get ahead in your career and achieve everything that you’ve ever dreamed of, you can. With the right approach, a strong personal brand, positive intentions and a plan, you’ll get there. Especially when you use these ideas.

1. Know What You Want

First of all, before you start to take action, you need to think. You need to work out exactly what it is that you want to achieve. Because if you are serious about getting somewhere, and you’re really keen on growing, you have to be clear about it. So, what does that future look like to you? What do you dream of achieving? Get the ideas flowing, because we’re now going to make them happen!

2. Visualize It

And then, you’ll want to go a step further on from that too. Because sometimes, just thinking about what you want isn’t all that helpful. You want to be published or to make a certain amount of money or to retire early? What does that look like? Can you see it? Feel it? When you visualize your success, it’s easier for you to then workout what you need to do to make it happen.

3. Set Clear Goals

But now, you should be bursting with ideas and incredibly excited about the future. And that’s not all, you should be a lot clearer on what you want to. What those dreams look like. So now, we get practical. And to do that, you need to set out clear goes. Write down what you want to achieve, by when – but be achievable and realistic. Then, create actionable steps for how you get there.


4. Create A Vision Board

To help you to keep your dreams and goals alive and front of mind, you may find that creating a vision board can help. Images of what you’re working towards always in sight, can be a powerful motivator. And it’s  a great way for you to stay hungry and motivated for what you want.

5. Check In Regularly

But then also, you need to make sure that you are checking in with your goals too. It’s really not enough for you to just think about setting goals and hoping for the best. Because they won’t work, and they’ll be pretty much pointless! Instead, if you know what you’re sitting down at the end of each month, assessing where you are, being tough on yourself, and working out what you need to do next.

6. Network

And then, you’re going to want to network too. Networking will always be an insanely powerful resource for your career. No matter what you do, or what industry you’re in, you’ll find that networking will help you to grow and reach your goals. When you meet new people, you may find new opportunities come your way and doors open for you. But not only that, a great network can challenge you, help you to learn more, and grow.

7. Incentivize Yourself

Sometimes, you just need to be able to incentivize yourself to get to certain stages. Maybe you know that you need treats or rewards to stay motivated? If so, then why not come up with some ideas. It could be trips, purchases, or even a medal, from somewhere such as pinfactory, that keeps you on target. Because as much as you want that end goal, you may need to encourage yourself through some of the nitty, gritty steps to get there.

8. Be Innovative

And you’re going to want to ensure that you can be as innovative as possible. If you want to grow and advance, it helps to think outside the box. Don’t follow the crowd. Try to be creative in your career, as it’ll pay off.

9. Get A Buddy

Another option that’s incredibly effective is for you to get a buddy. Sometimes, you are a little afraid to move forward or to put yourself out there. And so, you hold back. You make excuses. You just don’t do the work! But when you have an accountability buddy, you’ve got that support and comfort to help you keep pushing and push through the worries or excuses. So if you know that you need that accountability, a buddy can help.

10. Be Patient, But Persistent

Finally, you’ll then want to make sure that you are patient. Yes, you want this to happen now, but it takes time. And working towards your goals will allow you to get them. So you also need to be persistent too. Keep your head down, put consistent work in, and enjoy the ride. If you can have fun along the way, then you’re already making waves with your work and getting one step closer to accomplishing those goals.

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