Want To Know Why Consumers Walk Right On By Your Exhibitions?

January 13, 2024
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Want To Know Why Consumers Walk Right On By Your Exhibitions?

By Business Desk

Saturday, January 18, 2020.

In this highly competitive market, getting your name out there is fundamental for staying ahead. Most commonly in modern business, we assume this to mean things like social media and online presence. And, these things certainly have their place. But, on a more fundamental level, physical appearances like those made at exhibitions are still crucial.

An impressive exhibition stand could lead to attention from people who didn’t even know your name at the start of the day. And, that’s what you want to see where your career progression is concerned. If you’ve attended a few exhibitions without success before now, though, it’s natural to question just how useful this method is.

In reality, though, this lack of interest is likely more to do with mistakes you’re making than a lack of value in this marketing field. Before giving up the ghost, consider whether you’re letting your exhibition attendance down in the following ways.

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Your stand is about as bland as they get

A bland stand is about the worst thing you can do when you attend an event. If you’ve always relied on a bare tables and cloths until now, is it any wonder you’ve failed to catch anyone’s eye? Of course, not. Lucky for you, overcoming this is as simple as getting creative. If you’re at a loss as to what will work, you could even turn to exhibition stand designers like Focal Exhibitions who can make a song and dance of your stand for you. One thing’s sure; people won’t find it quite as easy to walk past when your stand is the standout performer of the day.

Your products are all wrong

Choosing the right products for exhibition attendance is never easy, and the chances are that you always take your creme de la creme along with you. That can make a lack of interest even more devastating, but, honestly, your problems here may rest in little more than poor visual merchandising. Instead of piling products on a table, think of your stand as a mini shop. Design it as such complete with shelves, textures, and displays that draw the eye. Then, interest should be yours in no time.

You aren’t proactive enough

The hard-sale can be off-putting in certain situations, but an exhibition isn’t one of them. Consumers attend these events to be drawn in, dazzled, and ultimately convinced. As such, your lacking sales approach is yet another reason for struggles. Instead of standing aside and waiting for interest, you should be out front drumming it up. We aren’t saying you need to don a circus master costume and urge consumers to roll up. Rather, handing out free samples or hosting product displays could make it next to impossible for people not to stop and take a look.

Exhibitions can be surprisingly difficult to manage, especially when you’re new to this world. But, once you start enjoying the attention these simple pointers can bring, the chances are that you won’t be able to get enough of this alternative selling method.

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