Getting Comfy in the Workplace

January 13, 2024
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Getting Comfy in the Workplace

By Business Desk

Monday, May 11, 2020

Your business might be going through a difficult time at the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic may mean that you have been forced to close your doors temporarily and have had to make changes to how you operate or that business has been slower than usual. You might be keen to get back to normal, and looking forward to the future.

But, while this period has been very challenging for many of us, it’s also an opportunity. A chance to look at ways to improve your business and take better care of your customers and team members. One thing that you may not have considered when making plans for the future, is the comfort of your workplace.

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The Importance of Comfort at Work

So, why should you keep your team members comfortable? It might mean making some changes to your workplace, which could occur some expense, so why bother?

Well, increasing the comfort of your workplace can be beneficial, and the expense will almost certainly be worth it in the long-term, as the advantages could see you increase your profits. Let’s take a look at the importance of comfort in your workplace.

Increased Productivity

Comfortable employees work faster. They get more done, and they often work far more efficiently. Their work may also be of a higher standard. Staff that are uncomfortable can’t settle, they fidget, they struggle to concentrate and productivity drops. They are also more likely to take time off, leaving you short-staffed.

A Boost in Creativity

Creativity is an essential in the workplace. Even if you think that your business is in an utterly uncreative field, being able to think creatively can boost problem-solving, and help your employees to avoid disputes and other problems. But, it’s hard to be creative when you aren’t comfortable.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Comfort might seem like a small thing for you if you are sitting in a comfortable chair in your air-conditioned office. But, it can increase staff turnover, costing you more in recruitment and training. Your team members will leave if they spend their days uncomfortable and go home with aches and pains.

Limit the Risk of Injury

Discomfort can lead to injury and long-term damage to joints. Sitting on hard, ill-positioned chairs all day, staring at a screen that isn’t at eye level can lead to neck or back problems.

A happy team is a better performing team, so let’s take a look at some changes that you can make.

Take Control of the Temperature

No one enjoys work when it’s too hot or too cold. Both can lead to illnesses and aches, and time always seems to pass more slowly when we can’t regulate our temperature effectively. An industrial referigeration air dryer can improve the air quality and look after the temperature in your workplace.

Remember, though, that we all feel the cold differently. Some members of your team might be cold when others aren’t. Think about increasing uniform or dress code options, to keep everyone comfortable, while keeping the temperature in the room optimal.

Keep Things Bright

Temperature is a significant consideration, but so is light. You might think that if you have bright lighting, that is all that you need to help your staff do their jobs. But, artificial fluorescent lighting can harm mood and make concentration hard. Maximize natural light when possible to keep your staff alert and happy. Then, try to use soft, less harsh lighting, which can be better for mood, and boost energy levels and focus by keeping the walls bright and adding some pops of color.

Create a Chilled Out Communal Workspace

Desk working is excellent. Employees often need a private space to work, and having their own desk is advantageous. But, communal working can also be beneficial to team spirit, creativity and productivity. So, try to create a chilled-out shared workspace where your team can meet to share ideas, brainstorm and collaborate. This should be a space that’s a little more relaxed to encourage freedom of thought.

Offer a Well-Stocked Break Room

Your break room should obviously have comfy seats. But, keeping it well stocked with food and other supplies can keep your team happy. Ask them what they’d like, encourage them to bring things in, and work together to create a happy and harmonious break room.

Take a Look at Desk Setups

Some of the most common injuries in the workplace are neck, back and wrist strain from sitting in an unnatural position at our desks. An ergonomic desk setup can reduce these injuries massively. But we’re all different, so each desk will need to be tailored to its occupier.

Minimize Clutter

A little clutter in a busy workplace is typical. But, when that little bit of clutter becomes more, it can be a problem. You might have heard the term “a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind,” and it can be true for many. Clutter makes it hard to focus your thoughts and can even cause a tripping hazard. Try to reduce clutter by providing adequate storage space, and encourage good habits. Lead by example, keeping your own workspace tidy, and organizing as you work.

Personalize The Space

Comfort isn’t just about the chair that you sit on or the temperature in your room. Emotional comfort is equally important when we’re trying to create an inspired and happy workforce. So, personalize the office and encourage your team to add personal touches to their spaces. Personal touches can include photos and artwork, stationery and even soft-furnishings if there is space.

Look After The Air Quality

Reducing clutter, regulating the temperature and increasing natural light will have a big impact on the air quality in your workspace. Take things further by bringing in plants, opening windows and keeping things clean, so that dust and bacteria can’t grow.

Your office may already take care of some of these things. The best thing to do when it comes to increasing comfort is to ask your staff what they need, and what you could do to improve their working day.

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