The Industries Most Likely to Boom After the Pandemic

January 13, 2024
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The Industries Most Likely to Boom After the Pandemic

By Business Desk

Thursday, October 22, 2020.

A lot of people are, understandably, a little worried about what the world is going to look like post-pandemic. They are worried that their industries may no longer provide the secure job prospect it once did, and they may be wondering what industry to try and get into.

The good news is, that although the world may look different after the pandemic is over, there will still be lots of opportunities. Provided that you give it some thought, taking into account how the pandemic is likely to have affected how people are thinking (and spending), and also thinking about the fact that a lot of industries are being automated by AI (artificial intelligence), you could carve yourself out a niche that you can do well from in the future by working for a company that is in a ‘boom’ industry, or starting up a business of your own.


Love Money predicted that the number one industry likely to see a boom during and after the pandemic is PPE. This makes sense. Even when the threat of coronavirus has been neutralized, people are likely to be more mindful of the spread of germs and disease, and will therefore be thinking about PPE as something that they keep in stock.

The way that businesses could monetise this is to think about the current pain points around PPE. For hospitals, the problem is having a large enough stockpile that is in date, ready for future pandemics. This means that not only manufacturers of PPE will benefit, but also software companies that are designing software that can predict likely outbreaks.

Individual consumers are likely to want face masks that look good, are comfortable and don’t steam up their glasses! Any business that is leading in these areas is likely to do well.

Online Meeting Platforms

Human beings are social animals, and we need to keep in touch with our friends. Not only that, but businesses are likely to be doing their meetings online in the future, now that they have seen that they can effectively run while their workforce is at home. If they continue to run using this model, they can decrease their costs by not having to rent out huge buildings.

This means that any company which is innovating in the online meeting platform field is likely to do very well indeed.

Online Gambling Sites

Although some bingo halls have now reopened, as well as bookies and other gambling businesses, people are likely to continue to be nervous of crowded spaces even after the pandemic is a thing of the past.

This means that sites either hosting gambling, or sites that act as a reviewer or directory of gambling, like this one of bingo sites UK, are likely to see an increase in traffic.


Universities have had to up their game when it comes to e-learning as they haven’t been able to host classes in real life.

This improvement in the technology available means that e-learning is likely to become more commonplace, with people benefiting not only from the fact that they don’t need to risk the spread of disease when attending an institution, but from the fact that they can schedule their studies around their lives.

Online Shopping

It’s no secret that Amazon has absolutely raked it in throughout the course of the pandemic! Any business working to improve the online shopping experience for customers is likely to be on to a winner.

Online Fitness

Similar to e-learning, the necessity of providing fitness classes online is making people change the way they look at exercise. Attending classes online means that people in all areas of the country can access a range of classes in almost any fitness discipline, without having to leave the house!

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