The Faux Fog Of Making Your Product Unique

January 13, 2024
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The Faux Fog Of Making Your Product Unique

By Business Desk

Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Perhaps the most challenging thing that you face as a business owner, is making your product unique. There are literally countless products similar to yours. What makes you stand out the most? We are, of course, talking about your unique selling point (USP). It’s quite incredible just how difficult it is to be unique in this modern highly competitive world. You may think that something about your product is unique, but customers may not. Your USP cannot just be relied on your product speaking for itself, it has to be led by your marketing campaign.

On message

Just use your words. Why do you have to rely on colour schemes, logos, shapes, sizes etc, to show your product is not the same as the next brand? Utilise unique tagging, such as this bottle neck tag printing service. If you sell a drink and you want customers to know what makes it so unique, write a small note on the tag. ‘Wine from grapes grown in …. Vineyard’ or ‘lemonade made with a 200-year old method’; etc. Or how about using the tag to remind customers to recycle your bottle? Have the tag in green, write a quirky note inside and show the world you’re doing your bit to be eco-friendly.

The birth

Video is the main marketing type that customers respond to. It’s quite bizarre how many customers will not respond to basic 3-second PPC ads, but will take the time to watch a 1-2-minute long video if it’s interesting enough.

Making a video that shows the birth of your product is so popular right now. A recent video on lotus silk was made by Business Insider. It has 21 million views and has been live on its website and YouTube channel for just 7 months. It showed how a company makes scarves from this special silk, and customers got to view the entire process from start to finish. It gives them an appreciation for how hard it is to make your product and can also justify the price you set.

Just tell them

Rather than making things too complex and costly, why not just tell customers how your product is different from the rest? Making an online live presentation of how your product can be used, how and why it was designed, what customers may like most about it, is cost-effective and beneficial in many ways. Online presentations have been done recently by top brands because there has been no way of having in-person live conferences.

Lucid cars also did a brilliant interview while using their product as intended, showing how their it works, why they are designing it in the ways they are and what they hope they will achieve with it. It’s educational, informational and it also shows respect for the customer’s intelligence. You don’t need expensive ads to get customers to understand why your product is so brilliant.

There are a range of techniques you should utilise to put your unique selling point front and center. Product tags, making-of videos and interviews are all tried and trusted methods.

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