The Secret Behind Sexy Romance

January 13, 2024
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Sexual Healing
 By Cristina Milano
There is no better feeling than being completely swept off your feet. In general, we, as in human beings, tend to be hard as rocks.
Most of the time bulldozers can’t even break through our tough facades. This is why it feels so incredibly amazing when another person can stir up such strong desire within us that we completely lose all sense of control.
In their presence our problems and insecurities disappear, a beautiful sense of freedom ignites and we totally surrender ourselves to their magnetic pull.
For those of you who have ever taken a trip to Cloud 9, the truth is, you were completely conned by the man or woman who got you there. That’s right, I said you’ve been deceived but before you get mad don’t forget how much you loved it.
The time has come, however, for you to take the reins. There is an art to romance. Whether you’re on a first date or you’ve been married to your sweetheart for 50 years, learn how to set the right mood and you will be able to send your sweetheart soaring in ecstasy and into your arms.
The No. 1 rule to remember, when setting the stage for a night of love, is to pay close attention to the fine points. Behind the scenes of every successful seduction are subtle but well thought-out details. These offhand elements are often overlooked by the person being seduced, which is precisely what makes them so powerful. They are the hidden aphrodisiacs that satiate the air with sexual desire.
Each of our five senses — tasting, seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling — have their own specific purpose. In order to set the mood for romance, it’s important to become aware of the sensual triggers within each of them. The key to romance is to play with these senses throughout the night and through them slyly insinuate the pleasure that’s to come.
Taste Romance:Stir up their appetite for love with right food to set the mood. A touch of wine never hurts either. A nice meal is a great way to start off a romantic evening. It gives you a chance to talk to each other and a topic to talk about while you’re together.
Another good way to use food to enhance romance is to feed your sweetie. Chocolate and strawberries, for example, make a sexy and tasty combination.
Everyone has heard of aphrodisiacs, foods that trigger sexual desire. Do they work? Who knows? Either way it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.
Here’s a list of a few foods that have been known to stir up more than just the stomach: asparagus, cucumbers, chocolate, mussels, oysters, peaches, almond, avocado, bananas, and aniseed.
See Romance:Physical attraction can influence us in powerful ways. One of the strongest senses in igniting desire is sight. Set the mood right by making the extra effort to look your best. Not only will you look good but you will also feel more confident. This in turn, will heighten your attractiveness even more.
There are many ways to boost up your outer appearance. Exercising beforehand is, unquestionably, one the best ways. “A great workout will have your muscles feeling stimulated, your cardiovascular system revved and your senses peaked,” says Raphael Calzadilla,’s Chief Fitness Pro.
Also, use fashion to your advantage. Try to wear clothes that enhance your good points and diffuse your less attractive areas. Remember, the key is sexy.
It’s also important to spice up your surrounding. Dim the lights and bring out the candles and make sure you clean up the clutter and create an inviting atmosphere.
Hear Romance:Another great way to turn up the heat is to turn up the volume. Music is one of the best ways to set the mood. It has tremendous power over your emotions.
It has been shown to lower amounts of the hormone cortisol, which becomes elevated under stress, and to increase the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good hormones. In other words, under the right conditions the right beats can do wonders to stir up sexual desire. Music is also the essential ingredient in slow dancing, which brings us to our next sense, touch.
Feel Romance:Creating sexual tension is a must for an unforgettable night of romance. Nothing raises the temperature of temptation like a subtle touch and one of the best ways to awaken the dormant senses of desire is to dance. Dancing is a great romantic mood setter because it allows you to get close and feel each other outside of the bedroom.
On top of dancing there are many other ways to heighten the mood with simple touches such as holding hands, playing with hair, giving massages and gently kissing. Remember the key to romance is to take it slow. It’s all about setting the mood for what’s to come.
Smell Romance:Scent is a very powerful mood setter. It can be a real turn-on or a huge turn-off if you don’t take it seriously. While, advertisers may exaggerate the power of pheromones to sell perfume and spray, there is no denying that there are certain smells that simply set the mood.
Research has shown that emotions, including fear, happiness and sexual arousal, can be communicated through smell. If you want to set the mood then make sure you smell nice. The best way to go, when it comes to scent and attraction, is simply fresh and clean.
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